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Full Name: Jessie Richter
Nationality: American
Organization: Crue Intellis
Occupation Agent

Creator: Stephen Eagles
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Jessi Richter is an agent with Crue Intellis.

That is a private security company that is owned by Jon Daly, aa former Selous Scout from Rhodesia. "We collect information." That is how Daly tells Richter in one of their early encounters to explain what it is his company does. A tad more informative statement would come soon to a police officer when Daly presents valid Department of Homeland Security credentials and explains that while his company was independent of any government control, "Homeland is one of our better customers".

Richter is around 31 years of age. She first comes into contact with Crue Intellis in the prequel adventure which explains the history of Richter. An altercation in Myrtle Beach with the ex-boyfriend of her sister, Kate, in a bar was turning particularly nasty when two other patrons stepped in to help. Those two men were Daly and one of his operatives. The interaction was brief but Daly handed her his business card with the offer of further help should she need it. She would find that she would indeed have use of it soon thereafter.

That adventure took place when she was 21 years old working as a waitress in Myrtle Beach. It explains how she saw that further assistance greatly needed as that boyfriend's anger turns homicidal. It also the time that Crue Intellis would discover a "skill" she had known about for a few years but was only now getting good with it, a skill that would prove incredibly useful to an intelligence gathering operation like Crue Intellis.

Richter has the ability to, as she calls it, 'slip-stream'. That is a paranormal occurrence in which her consciousness flows via touch from her body into another, totally dampening that person's control and granting Richter total command. While she has only partial success at extracting higher function memories, like names and passwords and the like, and this at a punishing penalty of a headache, she easily absorbs baser "muscle memories" such as driving a car or flying a plane or engaging in activities like martial arts.

When she completes whatever mission for which she has need of the host body, that person's memory of whatever activity Richter did is mostly gone and any faint vestige is recalled with a splitting headache by that person. Meanwhile Richter remembers without a problem.

For ten years prior to our meeting her for the first time (not counting the prequel) Richter has been an invaluable member of the Crue Intellis team.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

0 Enemy Mine Enemy Mine
Written by Stephen Eagles
Copyright: 2019

Jessie Richter has kept her skill a secret for the many years since she acquired it but when her sister, Kate, comes to her for help, she knows she will have to use it to protect them both. Kate has been in a terribly abusive relationship for some time but now the boyfriend is constantly out of control and ready to hurt and kill at any provocation. What Richter does to get back at him for the latest attack is more than enough to spark his homicidal rage.
Note: this short novel is a prequel and shows how Richter came to grips with her paranormal skill and became a member of Crue Intellis.
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1 Enemy Walks Enemy Walks
Written by Stephen Eagles
Copyright: 2020

Jessie Richter and the Crue Intellis team were making major inroads in disrupting the treasonous plans of AI scientist Robert Kore. Then the foreign agent assigned to secretly monitor and protect Kore gets wind of the activity and the mission suddenly got a whole lot more dangerous.
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2 Enemy Way Enemy Way
Written by Stephen Eagles
Copyright: 2020

In San Antonio a home invasion that turned very nasty was bizarre enough to be noticed by Crue Intellis. Jessie Richter gets interested when she recognizes that the circumstances sound so much like her abilities. Can there be another Walker at works?
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     I really enjoyed this combination spy and paranormal series a lot. I found both of the 'regular books' (non-prequel) books exciting and fascinating and had a blast reading them.

     I did find, as I often do with books these days, that they went on a bit too long, especially the second one, but at no point was I ever willing to give up on them. That slip-stream ability of Richter is fascinating but even more so is the woman herself.

     Richter is an incredibly confident woman who knows how to fight and love with the best of them and does both on numerous occasions. She is willing to give her body in the service of her mission but considering how she will eventually take over the body of her target, it seems pretty fair.

     And like the members of Crue Intellis say on several occasions, the members are family. They get that way to the reader, too.


My Grade: A-


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