Writing as: Stephen Eagles

Stephen Eagles is the alter ego of a former US Navy Intel (cold war era), police homicide detective, wildlife educator and falconer and pow-wow enthusiast who is the most recent, newly indoctrinated Amazon Indie author on the planet! A huge fan of military and cross-genre authors like John Scalzi, Stephen King and Tim Powers, he can be found equally engrossed in high-fantasy from writers like Tolkien, R. Jordan, Sanderson and Tad Williams.

The Jessie Richter supernatural spy thriller series came to him in a vivid dream so real, he jumped up out of bed and started writing what has now become the growing Enemy Way Series. Reviews are coming in that Eagle's has delivered a gripping experience. Once the word is out that there's a book series about a female spy with superpowers, (not too far-fetched from the astral projection research of the CIA and the Russians!), the series will take off for readers of technothrillers, military, science fiction and action adventure alike. It's all there!

His writing clearly shows Eagle's stays current on international intelligence affairs lend an air of authenticity to the supernatural spy-thriller series, and he clearly taps into his time as a police investigator range from domestic violence to murder.

He currently lives in San Antonio Texas and is almost ready to start revisions on his supernatural historical fiction- Bavo, Patron Saint of falconers, which will be released late 2021. ENEMY WAY- BOOK 3 is in the outline stages.

Series Books
Jessie Richter Enemy Mine (2019)
  Enemy Walks (2020)
  Enemy Way (2020)