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Full Name: Case Lee
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Vince Milam
Time Span: 2017 - 2023


Case Lee is a freelance agent.

That is so far the best description of what he does. I could say private investigator but that would not be correct as he really does not have an office or a license and that really isn't what he does anyways. Granted, he does a lot of investigating in the numerous missions he accepts but he also does a whole lot of other things that most PIs would stay far away from.

In the opening words of the first recorded adventure, we learn a very important fact about Lee that will be a factor in lots of what he does and what is done to him, namely that he "carried a price on [his] head. A million bucks". Lee knows about the bounty but he, at that time, had no certainty who was putting up such a hefty sum. As he postulated, it could be "a Yemeni sheik, Somali warlord, Malaccan pirate, Taliban mullah - all possibilities".

A couple of other important and interesting facts are learned early on.

Lee makes his home onboard his small boat, the Ace of Spades, and has done for a couple of years. Its area of normal operation is the Intercoastal Waterway of North Carolina. He is quite pleased with his home which, though it could use some touch-ups here and there, takes him regularly from Point A to Point B at a nice pace. It also has nice hiding places for his stash of "enough firepower to start a coup".

Lee earned the enmity of those people mentioned above while serving in the military as part of the elite Delta Force. That service and the enemies it created was likely the cause of the murder of his wife three years before we meet him, though that death will take place some years after Lee had left Delta and started a life as a civilian. The bounty on his head and those of his former teammates had almost certainly been the cause.

So when we meet Lee, he has left the peaceful life he once had with his wife and put out the word that his services are available. Judging by the number of assignments coming his way, he is very much in demand.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Suriname Job The Suriname Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2017

Case Lee is asked by a mysterious client to look into a revolution taking place in South America. Doing so will get Lee neck-deep in a global conspiracy and a lot of people not liking Lee's prying.
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2 The New Guinea Job The New Guinea Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2018

After being asked to check out events related to a gold discovery in New Guinea, Case Lee is thrown into conflict with spies, terrorists, and a few headhunters.
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3 The Caribbean Job The Caribbean Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2018

This latest job looked like a simpler prospect than the last couple he had been involved in so Case Lee took it - investigate the mysterious deaths of two very rich men. It takes a much more sinister aspect with the dollar sums reach the trillion mark and Lee comes up against modern day Pirates of the Caribbean.
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4 The Amazon Job The Amazon Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2019

When the female scientist operating in the jungles of the Amazon makes a major discovery, it could be used for great good or great evil. When she disappears shortly afterwards, Case Lee is hired to find her. A good number of not so good people are also hunting her.
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5 The Hawaii Job The Hawaii Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2020

Case Lee is hired to check out a mysterious company in Hawaii, along with its elusive billionaire CEO. That corporate official does not take kindly to the intrusion and sends assassins to take out Lee and they have no qualms about targeting his family members if it makes getting Lee easier.
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6 The Orcas Island Job The Orcas Island Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2020

When the CIA's top person asks Case Lee for a job, he is ready to take it. When she later tells him to drop it completely, he is not so obliging. He was just supposed to tail a person and report on activities. Suddenly he is deeply involved in a major drug deal with a lot of heavy hitters involved.
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7 The Nevada Job The Nevada Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2020

Very precious material is being sought by a ruthless billionaire out to become even more powerful. Standing in his way are simple innocents in Bolivia. And an investigator named Case Lee. When Lee causes trouble for the billionaire, he sends a lot of people to make trouble for Lee.
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8 The DC Job The DC Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2021

When Case Lee is hired to locate the missing daughter of a diplomat, he soon realized this was far more than a wayward girl. His biggest clue were the number of assassins who try very hard to stop his investigation by killing him.
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9 The Texas Job The Texas Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2021

"Spies and killers gather as a deadly conspiracy brews.
With thousands of lives at stake, players behind the curtain remain shrouded in mystery, indistinguishable as friend or foe.
Unleashed into the storm, Case Lee faces a hard reality. Doing the right thing can come with a heavy price."
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10 The Sawtooth Job The Sawtooth Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2022

"The stakes couldn’t be higher. A mysterious discovery that would change the global balance of power.
Two scientists become the world’s hottest commodity. One is captured, the other on the run.
Enter Case Lee, with lethal spy organizations in hot pursuit. They quickly discover they’re messing with the wrong guy."
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11 The Rhine River Job The Rhine River Job
Written by Vince Milam
Copyright: 2023

"She’s known as the Gypsy. And teams with Case Lee for a mysterious client.
They uncover a crime family aligned with corrupt politicians and deadly shadowland spies.
Par for the course – until those involved go too far.
And discover there are lines with Case and friends you’d best not cross.
Case and the Gypsy investigate a European crime syndicate when they expose criminal connections with US politicians and power players, while multiple espionage agencies maneuver for leverage. Are Case and the Gypsy being used as part of a larger plot, or obstacles to be removed?"
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Hang on to your seat when you start these adventures. Case Lee, courtesy of the author, Vince Milam, is going to give you one heckuva ride. Don't fret, though, because if you like roller coasters, you love this series.

Okay, truth be told, I abhor roller coasters because they scare the beejeebus out of me and I refuse to try them ever again.

But I really, really liked this series and I hope the author keeps finding the kind of exciting jobs for Lee that he has so far. The character is very interesting and entertaining and the missions he is given are equally as good.


My Grade: A-


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