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Full Name: SpyCo
Nationality: American
Organization: SpyCo
Occupation Agency

Creator: Craig A. Hart
Time Span: 2017 - 2018


SpyCo is a private Intelligence organization.

For a company with the number of people, field agents and support staff, that this group employers, it is interesting that there is so little information available about it.

We learn early on that it is run by J. Carlton Moore, a stern little-nonsense tolerating individual who has earned the respect of his people several times over but who is still always ready to issue stern directives when he feels his agents need it.

We also find out over the course of the handful of adventures that we have that SpyCo has a sizeable presence around the globe with offices in many key capitals of the world. They must be kept quite busy since this would require a good amount of money to keep running and we get no evidence that Moore is rich nor that there is some other billions-laden individual footing the bill. SpyCo remains a going concern because it enjoys the patronage of many governments and organizations.

Of the numerous operatives that we learn SpyCo employs, there are three that the recorded adventures follow:

James Reagan Burke: This seems to be the senior agent with the group. Codenamed Tiger, he is the go-to man at SpyCo whenever possible. He is likely in his late 30s or early 40s.

Lyndsey Archer: Another senior agent, she seems to have the best repoire with her boss but is still prone to not trusting many people. She is only a couple years younger than Burke and her skepticism is likely the reason she has survived as long as she has.

Perry Hall: Also high up on the list of preferred agents, Hall might be a handful of years longer than Burke.

Burke and Hall are best friends and have been for quite a long time. Burke and Archer used to be, over a decade before the adventures we have take place, a romantic couple but Burke's stupidity of sleeping with an enemy agent ended that. They remain friends and still have affection for each other with the faint glimmer of a reconciliation but neither is pushing it.

Good Line:
- "The lesser of two evils is still evil."


Number of Stories:7
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 Assignment: Athens Assignment: Athens
Written by Craig A. Hart
Copyright: 2017

The death of a SpyCo agent and the loss of a briefcase he was carrying makes the future of the Chief of the company, J. Carlton Moore. It is suspected that the terror group Scorpion was responsible. Moore calls in his top agent, James Reagan Burke to put together a team to recover the case and its documents and to punish the perpetrators.
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2 Assignment: Paris Assignment: Paris
Written by Craig A. Hart, S. J. Varengo
Copyright: 2017

The death of his wife by an assassin left SpyCo agent Perry Hall caring about nothing but the next drink. That make him the perfect operative to send on the suicide mission to Paris to stop a terrorist plot to destroy that city.
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3 Assignment: Istanbul Assignment: Istanbul
Written by Craig A. Hart, S. J. Varengo
Copyright: 2017

When Perry Hall realizes that to finally get justice for his murdered wife he would have to defy orders from SpyCo to drop the case. Now he is considered a rogue and the orders to other SpyCo agents were to put him down.
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4 Assignment: Sydney Assignment: Sydney
Written by Craig A. Hart, S. J. Varengo
Copyright: 2017

James Burke is ordered to Sydney to protect an Australian scientist who has developed new technology in the field of atomic weaponry. His biggest danger comes from the North Korean agents determined to get hold of the data.
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5 Assignment: Alaska Assignment: Alaska
Written by Craig A. Hart, S. J. Varengo
Copyright: 2017

Someone in Russia is out to control mining rights for an area of Alaska worth billions and a major stumbling block is the Governor of that state. The order to eliminate him is given, causing SpyCo to interrupt the vacation of James Burke and Lyndsey Archer to stop the hired assassin.
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6 Assignment: Dublin Assignment: Dublin
Written by Craig A. Hart, S. J. Varengo
Copyright: 2018

Agent Lyndsey Archer is working with a colleague to conduct field training for a SpyCo recruit when an old enemy resurfaces and the training session suddenly becomes a whole lot deadlier.
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7 Assignment: London Assignment: London
Written by Craig A. Hart, S. J. Varengo
Copyright: 2018

While James Burke tries to deal with the news of the death of fellow agent Lyndsey Archer, old enemies and some new ones are determined to bring down the agency he works for and him with it.
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I have stated often in this compendium that not enough authors make use of the underrated smaller size for their work. Obviously the market, and definitely publishers, learn to the "bigger is better" philosophy. Unfortunately not only is it usually not, it is often the reverse.

Which is why I loved the approach that this author, Craig A. Hart, took that attitude. He has made his series of adventures long enough to get things happening at a decent pace while avoiding the bloat so many books contain.

I like the rapport these characters have with each other and I like the problems they are given to handle and I like the approaches they take to do that handling.


My Grade: B+


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