Writing as: Craig A. Hart

Craig A. Hart is the stay-at-home father of twin boys, a writer, and editor. He served as editor-in-chief for The Rusty Nail literary magazine and as manager for Sweatshoppe Media. He also served as director for Northern Illinois Radio Information Service, an outreach that brought daily news and information to the visually impaired.

Series Books
SpyCo Assignment: Alaska (ss) (2017)
  Assignment: Sydney (ss) (2017)
  Assignment: Istanbul (ss) (2017)
  Assignment: Athens (ss) (2017)
  Assignment: Paris (ss) (2017)
  Assignment: Dublin (ss) (2018)
  Assignment: London (ss) (2018)
Other The Magician of Wrigley Street (2013)
  Becoming Moon (2015)
  Serenity [Shelby Alexander] (2016)
  A Stark and Stormy Night (with Paul G Brand) (2016)
  Serenity Stalked [Shelby Alexander] (2017)
  Serenity Avenged [Shelby Alexander] (2017)
  Serenity Submerged [Shelby Alexander] (2017)
  Serenity Engulfed [Shelby Alexander] (2018)
  Serenity Betrayed (2018)
  Night at Key West [Simon Wolfe] (2018)
  Loose Ends [Simon Wolfe] (2020)
  Serenity Reborn (with S J Varengo) [Shelby Alexander] (2020))
  Serenity Possessed (with S J Varengo) [Shelby Alexander] (2020))
  Her Lost Alibi (with David Berens) [Amber Cross] (2021)