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Full Name: Adam Weldon
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: William McGinnis
Time Span: 2012 - 2022


     Adam Weldon is an adventurer.

     That description is not very accurate but everything else I tried seemed even further away from the truth that for now I am sticking with it.

     What makes Weldon hard to categorize is the fact that in the first of the three adventures we have so far of this man, he is looking into the who and why of his parents' murder a quarter century before. And in the second he is pretty much minding his own business when the kidnapping of an uncle pushes him into action. In the third he is asked to "look into something" by sailing to Greece. Pigeonholing him is tough and 'adventurer' is what I have.

     On the surface, these activities mentioned above might not seen to qualify him for membership in this compendium. The first definitely is the furthest even though Weldon will end up dealing with the FBI and the Park Service and the DEA and even Indian Affairs in a fight with a very nasty drug cartel

     The second does, though, in my opinion, because of the ramifications of what happens in San Francisco Bay and the third is definitely qualifying.

     Weldon is a man in his early 30's who had been raised by a Zen monk uncle after the death of his parents. Weldon has chosen to serve his country when he became of age and found the challenge of the Navy SEALs very much to his liking.

     He would have probably still been in that elite organization if the drive to investigate the murders had not grown to a level he could not ignore. One thing that help push it that way was the time he spent working as a criminal investigator (not sure how that worked while being a SEAL but I am sure there are a lot of things about the SEALs that I do not know).

     Though Weldon has left the Navy by the time we first meet him, his activities on and in the water remain a major factor in his life.

     In the first adventure, Weldon learns that as much experience he has acquired with the SEALs, it did not qualify him for the rigors and dangers of whitewater rafting through level 5 rapids. It is a darn good thing he has several excellent teachers and that he is a quick learner because the boulders and other obstacles are totally unforgiving when smashing into them as the speeds he discovers he hits - and the very nasty men shooting rifles at him at the same time certainly complicate things.

     The second adventure takes place on calmer surfaces, water-wise, in Frisco Bay but Weldon maintains his ability to find people who want to shoot weapons at him. The same hold true for the third adventure though you can throw in suitcase nukes to the mixture.

     Helping to keep Weldon alive, and making that life a whole lot more meaningful and enjoyable is Tripnee, a female FBI agent moonlighting as a rafting expert. They meet in the first adventure when he saves her life and she promptly returns the favor and they must have enjoyed it so much they keep saving each other over and over.

     What this young woman's first name is I could not tell you but what I can say is that she is one incredibly confident and capable person and a whole lot of fun following.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2022

1 Whitewater Whitewater
Written by William McGinnis
Copyright: 2012

Ex-Navy SEAL Adam Weldon has left the service to look into who and why his parents were killed 28 years earlier. What he will discover is that the perils encountered whitewater rafting through the treacherous rapids of the Kern River are tremendous, especially when drug cartel soldiers are determined to kill you and have the rifles to help. Helping him is a beautiful undercover FBI agent but helping the other side is a radio preacher who also runs a casino resort for the ultra-rich.
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2 Gold Bay Gold Bay
Written by William McGinnis
Copyright: 2020

Adam Weldon is stunned when his Zen monk uncle who raised him is kidnapped and the ransom demands run into the hundreds of millions. Looking into the matter along with his lover, the FBI agent Tripnee, Weldon will come up against child hitmen, a tech billionaire, a fake cult, Bay pirates, and a brutal cartel. Plus there are some very unpleasant people in the US government which have unsavory plans for the region of San Francisco Bay.
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3 Cyclops Conspiracy Cyclops Conspiracy
Written by William McGinnis
Copyright: 2021

The idea of a suitcase nuke falling into the hands of terrorists is horrifying. Image a few dozen of them going missing and apparently available to the highest bidder. Adam Weldon and his FBI girlfriend, Tripnee, are asked to help by sailing into Greece undercover and joining with a representative from Interpol to locate and retrieve these deadly weapons.
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4 Slay The Dragon Slay The Dragon
Written by William McGinnis
Copyright: 2022

During the 'mostly peaceful' protests in Oakland, a police officer was brutally slain. The powers that be demand that there be no real investigation, to cool tensions. Adam Weldon and his cop friend, BC, do not plan to follow that directive. What they find goes far beyond an unfortunate altercation and unveils a plan of insurrection going back 40 years in the planning.
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     This series has a whole lot of excitement going for it and a very nice variety of locales.

     The dangers and frights along the rapids of the Kern River are beautifully laid out, though after the first couple of near death experiences, I would personally have stayed the heck away from anything resembling something needing an oar!

     The second adventure was also on water but a whole lot safer, unless you count the number of people on other boats and in helicopters who have powerful rifles and an eagerness to use them.

     The third adventure - well, you see there are these suitcase nukes!

     As you can certainly gather, each of these adventures have a ton of action and excitement in them. They also give you a good opportunity to get to know and to like both the main character, Weldon, and his 'partner', Tripnee. I would love to see more of her backstory.

     I graded this series with a B+ for now. After the first two, I would have gone with a B in that they were very enjoyable but a tad too long. The grade got bumped up with the third book - still too long but better. I have confidence that the fourth book I read is coming will be even better.

     I certainly will be pleased to check it out!

     If you have any love of white-water rafting or sailing tossed in with spy adventures, this is a darn good series to check out.

Addendum - I have upgraded this series to an A- because the fourth book was, as I expected, even better. This guy writes some exciting and fun adventures. I am sure he will keep it going; I hope so because while I like Adam Weldon, I love his girl friend, Tripnee, even more. Don't tell him, though.


My Grade: A-


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