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Full Name: Ned Savage
Codename: 710 aka SX
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Steven Veerapen
Time Span: 2020 - 2020


Edward 'Ned' Savage is an agent with the British Secret Service.

Of course, in the time that Savage was an 'operative', there was no real government organization that bore that title. In fact there was no real organization at all except as it pleased Savage's unofficial boss, Sir Robert Cecil.

The year we first meet Savage is 1603. The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth, was very old and ailing and soon to pass. The House of Tudor was ending and the chosen successor, the House of Stuart and its leader, James VI of Scotland, was ready to assume leadership.

Championing the desired peaceful transition of power was the short, bent-backed Privy Secretary, Cecil, a man who suffered much abuse for his physical form as well as for power that he held without seeming to possess it. Helping him maintain his perilous position was a small group of shadowy individuals who would never be allowed in the Court but who nevertheless got a lot done in the background.

One of those is Ned Savage. If one asked anyone in authority about Savage, it would be unanimously agreed that Savage was a thief. Some would say common. Others might use other words.

He would likely point out that he has a regular job working for the Revels Office (an interesting government agency at the time responsible for organizing entertainments and festivities) as a courier of documents as well as somewhat of a censor. That would be the truth, too, as far as it went but since such work pays very little (or just not enough to satisfy him), it is really a cover for his real non-thieving vocation, working for Sir Robert.

Savage is a man in his "twenty-somethings". He is persistently low on funds even though he has the aid of a young girl as his servant or, "if we were grander people, my ward", named Faith who keeps very careful track of their money. Their rooms are in the very low-rent district of London and not likely to get any better but Savage has his dreams.

In the meanwhile, Savage keeps his eyes and ears open for any tidbit that might prove interesting to his "master", a man that Savage strangely has a considerable amount of respect for. And when Cecil has a bit of work that requires the use of Savage's other line of work, Savage is never one to say no to a bit of thievery.

Good Line:

- Thought by Savage, "It is a rule of mine that the truth should only be told when no more entertaining lie can be thought of".

- Savage's comment about his age was that "I do not intend to ever be called older than twenty-three".

- About actors and playwrights, Savage opines, "Always performing and the rabble always listening. It was no wonder actors made the mistake of thinking themselves as interesting out of costume as in it."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Succession Succession
Written by Steven Veerapen
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1603. Elizabeth I is dying and has not yet nominated her heir. While the expected choice is James VI of Scotland, it is not a certainty. When a noted Scottish traitor named Gowrie arrives in England with a document that can cause much trouble for James, the Queen's Secretary, Sir Robert Cecil wants it. He will pull Ned Savage from prison for thievery and told his life will be spared if he can get the paper before it is disclosed.
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2 Coronation Coronation
Written by Steven Veerapen
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1603. A plague has been causing much trouble in London and the city is on lockdown. As those that can move about prepare for the coronation of the new King, Sir Robert Cecil has another job for thief and spy Ned Savage. He is to look into the kidnapping of a royal physician but doing so will put his life and that of his family in danger as well as pit him against a new, strange cult called The Enlightened who want to bring about the End of Days.
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3 Assassination Assassination
Written by Steven Veerapen
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1606. The government is still in shock over the Gunpowder Plot and there is much worry about the visit to London of the queen's brother, King Christian of Denmark. Ned Savage is pulled into action again by Sir Robert Cecil because of rumors of the arrival of a female assassin codenamed Locusta. He is told to learn who sent for her and who she is being paid to eliminate.
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I have heard it said more than a few times that someone thought they lived in the wrong era. Reading of the life and times of Ned Savage, quite excellently presented in these adventures, I am reminded how glad I live when I do. I very much appreciate indoor plumbing, even more so after reading these books.

Hygiene matters now aside, I got one heckuva kick out of the Savage tales from four centuries ago. The work done by the author, Mr. Veerapen, is commendable. I really got to feel I was back there and then and was with Savage on his escapades.

I also got a hoot out of Savage's observations and attitudes and I think he would make a terrific character to follow on television (hint, hint to producers and TV execs).


My Grade: A-


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