Writing as: Steven Veerapen

According to Fantastic Fiction: "Steven Veerapen was born in Glasgow and raised in Paisley. Pursuing an interest in the sixteenth century, he was awarded a first-class Honours degree in English, focusing his dissertation on representations of Henry VIII’s six wives. He then received a Masters in Renaissance studies, and a Ph.D. investigating Elizabethan slander. Steven is fascinated by the glamour and ghastliness of life in the 1500s, and has a penchant for myths, mysteries and murders in an age in which the law was as slippery as those who defied it."

Series Books
Ned Savage Succession (2020)
  Coronation (2020)
  Assassination (2020)
Other The Abbey Close [Simon Danforth] (2018)
  The Royal Burgh [Simon Danforth] (2018)
  The Cradle Queen [Simon Danforth] (2018)
  The Queen's Consort (2018)
  The Queen's Gold [Christopher Marlowe] (2021)