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Full Name: Greta Steiner
Nationality: Russian
Organization: EUOPS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Robert Fenton
Time Span: 2019 - 2022


Greta Steiner is an agent with EUOPS.

In explaining what exactly EUOPS is, something that the chronicler does not explicitly state, we have to go with a couple of statements which describe some but still leaves the organization a bit clandestine, not an unexpected condition for such a mysterious group.

The first brief description I saw is that "EUOPS is the functional actions arm of the European Union and some allied countries that is involved in shaping world affairs to our liking". 

The second is that "EUOPS is an organization that does not exist, and if you don't believe it, just ask them. They will tell you EUOPS isn't and it is certainly not involved in directly influencing world events and shaping world affairs to the liking and benefit of the European Union and various other countries using bombs, bullets, assassinations, and bribery".

Would EUOPS be considered by the average person on the street to be on the side of the angels or is it a group that the angels should be in battle with? I would lean firmly on the first side but that Average Joe/Jane might easily go the other direction, especially when some of the activities of the EUOPS agents become known.

The chief EUOPS operative we follow, and there are so many that the chronicler is kind enough to provide useful casts of characters (CoC) at the beginning of each adventure, is Greta Steiner. In her brief bio in the first CoC, she is described as "(Helga Johnson, Colonel Juanita Anderson et al.) - EUOPS assassin. German born, grew up in the old Soviet Union, escaped and became EUOPS assassin and operative after the murder of her parents".

A slightly longer description of her has Steiner being: "Greta Steiner: Born Alexandra Maria Fedrovia, Youngest daughter of Colonel Yuri Fedorova and his wife Angelina Tatiana Fedorova, younger sister of Charlotte Fedorova Yegorov. Born in [East] Germany and grew up in old Soviet Union. She escaped and became a EUOPS operative after the murder of her parents. Worked as an assassin and is also a qualified fixed and rotary wing pilot".

That last part is certainly accurate. In the first pages of the first adventure, she in the disguise of an elderly Russian grandmotherly woman waiting patiently for a plane assassinates an incoming prominent Russian diplomat en route an important U.N. vote. She then drops the disguise and takes on her legitimate cover as a commercial helicopter pilot and flies out of the airport before the alarm is raised.

Steiner, no matter what guise she is using or what name she is going under, is a very dangerous and extremely resourceful weapon the arsenal of EUOPS.

One other sort of really important piece of information about Steiner's personal and professional lives. Both are going to change a whole lot over the course of this series. Not surprisingly, though, Steiner remains a hard-ass not to be messed with.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2022

1 All The Gold In The World All The Gold In The World
Written by Robert Fenton
Copyright: 2019

Used to working as an assassin for EUOPS, Greta Steiner is surprised to be moved to an operative position and even more stunned to be given the mission she and her new assistant, Dove Abraham, receive. They are supposed to put together a team to steal all of Syria's gold reserve. It is an impossible mission that Steiner is told to give it a try and then fail. When it looks that she and her people might actually pull it off, she is declared a rogue and a kill-on-sight order sent. Obviously someone really does not want the gold theft to go down.
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2 And None Shall Remain And None Shall Remain
Written by Robert Fenton
Copyright: 2019

Investigating one suspicious activity lands Greta Steiner and her team in the midst of a second, this one involving the purchase of a nuclear bomb by a terrorist cell. The mystery is who is will be used against and who is financing the very expensive purchase.
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3 In Darker Dungeons and Despair In Darker Dungeons and Despair
Written by Robert Fenton
Copyright: 2020

Two situations will be challenging Greta Steiner. The first is evidence that someone has hold of a virus that could cause a world-wide pandemic and has to provide evidence it has it and could unleash it unless demands are met. The other is a 16-year-old girl placed in a military school to discipline her and who has escaped only to find that the people who helped her get free now hold her prisoner for their own terrorist purpose. The issue with the girl is that she is the granddaughter of the #2 person in EUOPS.
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4 And There Is Always Time And There Is Always Time
Written by Robert Fenton
Copyright: 2021

It is not remarkable to be able to steal a ship but this time it was done in the middle of the ocean and then it vanished. And Greta Steiner and her crew are ordered to find it because on this old and worn out freighter bound for Saudi Arabia were two atomic cruise missiles.
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5 They That Dwell In Darkness They That Dwell In Darkness
Written by Robert Fenton
Copyright: 2021

Being a female orphan child in the middle of a war is about as tough as it gets. Cara has been doing just that for almost a decade. Then she got injured and needed help and when that help came, she tells the soldier doing the helping, "Colonel Horace Meriwether Babington Smyth, serial number 7866736. Please help me." That will start a sequence that will cause tremors through EUOPS.
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6 The Birds Of Morning The Birds Of Morning
Written by Robert Fenton
Copyright: 2022

"The yellow rim of the sun peeked over the flat horizon of the dry desert lake. A white creature shot up out of the back of a truck. It had one red eye in the middle of its head, long wings, long flamingo-type legs, and two feet that hung down. It soared into the sun, glaring in the reflected light before ascending up and up and out of sight.
Rachel stepped out of the tent. She had been working since before the sun had reddened the hilltops. She longed to get away to the city. Anything had to be better than her nomadic life. Something in the sky caught her eye and she looked up to see a large white bird circling high overhead—then it vanished."
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I have a special place in my book-reading heart for authors who have the kindness of giving a cast of characters for their adventures, especially in a brand new series where everyone is a question mark. Plus, the more people in the mix, the less my aging brain can handle them all.

So since the author gave us one of those lists, I was predisposed to be in favor of this series. It went to a solid favor with the opening chapter that the old lady guise I mentioned up top. 

And it went through the roof when those changes I mentioned up top took place. This is a fun series!


My Grade: A-


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