Writing as: Robert Fenton

According to the bio on Amazon: "Robert Fenton lives in Washington state with his wife although he calls a small town in Idaho his home town. He attended college in the Pacific Northwest and after graduating joined a major university research center as one of a dozen scientific staff. After ten years of research and another ten in private business he took a federal position. There it became obvious that the public was not being troubled with lots of facts. After twenty five years with the government he retired and decided to write. Greta Steiner was born to explain what might be more reasonable explanations about things than you were told. Greta although fictitious is also a real person, she is young, she is beautiful, she flies helicopters and jets and she also shoots people without missing any sleep. But she also has to do wash and worry about gaining weight and keeping her job and fighting with upper management. She also has personal problems and needs including dinner and a kiss from someone who cares."

Series Books
Greta Steiner All The Gold In The World (2019)
  And None Shall Remain (2019)
  In Darker Dungeons and Despair (2020)
  And There Is Always Time (2021)
  They That Dwell In Darkness (2021)