Full Name: Stella Bled Lawrence
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: A. W. Hartoin
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Stella Bled is an agent with British Intelligence.

Will be, that is. When we meet her for the first time, it is 1938 in Europe and she is a visiting American out for pleasure and entertainment and not at all concerned about the growing tensions in the area she is exploring.

As the series moves along she will have occasion to join that clandestine organization but for the first couple of adventures she is literally and figuratively an amateur. In fact when we initially greet her she is so much a naif that if you mentioned being an operative to her, she likely would have asked what she was supposed to operate.

Not that she lacks intelligence for she has plenty of that. It is that she has other things to occupy her mind, largely that this young woman of just 18 years has recently married a tall blond handsome man named Nicky Lawrence and they have traveled from their native America, Missouri to be specific, to visit Europe for their honeymoon.

Being so young and obviously in love is coupled with the fact that Bled's family were quite well off and Bled has had the privilege of never really wanting for anything. Nor has she been put in a situation where her life depended on either doing or not doing something. That is about to change.

It will be important as the adventures of Bled proceed to remember to not confuse ignorance with stupidity. Bled's personal world has never had to deal with the kind of problems she will suddenly face and so her reactions will, initially at least, come across as ill-conceived. As she learns the harsh reality around her, she will change.

And that change will involve her getting herself involved in the war that is so definitely about happen. At first it is rather accidental but it will lead to her becoming an operative for British Intelligence and a quite good one. Not bad for a young naive girl from Missouri.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021


Watching the transition of Stella Bled from innocent, naive, just barely an adult American tourist in pre-War Europe to a seasoned operative for British Intelligence playing double agent against the Germans is fascinating.

To me the first two books read like a two-part adventure, each complete in itself but the first leading directly into the second.

The third, fourth, and fifth (as of this writing) are more stand-alone.

These are wonderfully written historical spy adventures who had never faced any hardship to speak of coming into contact with what she finds to be true evil.


My Grade: A-


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