Writing as: A. W. Hartoin

According to the bio on her website: "USA Today bestselling author A.W. Hartoin grew up in rural Missouri, but her grandmother lived in the Central West End area of St. Louis. The CWE fascinated her with its enormous houses, every one unique. She was sure there was a story behind each ornate door. Going to Grandma’s house was a treat and an adventure. As the only grandchild around for many years, A.W. spent her visits exploring the many rooms with their many secrets. That’s how Mercy Watts and the fairies of Whipplethorn came to be.

As an adult, A.W. Hartoin decided she needed a whole lot more life experience if she was going to write good characters so she joined the Air Force. It was the best education she could’ve hoped for. She met her husband and traveled the world, living in Alaska, Italy, and Germany before settling in Colorado for nearly eleven years. Now A.W. has returned to Germany and lives in picturesque Waldenbuch with her family and two spoiled cats, who absolutely believe they should be allowed to escape and roam the village freely."

Series Books
Stella Bled The Paris Package (2018)
  Strangers In Venice (2019)
  One Child In Berlin (2020)
  Dark Victory (2021)
  A Quiet Little Place On Rue De Lille (2021)
Other Touch and Go [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2012)
  It Started With A Whisper (2012)
  A Fairy's Guide to Disaster [Away From Whipplethorn] (2012)
  Coke with a Twist [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2012)
  Nowhere Fast [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2013)
  A Monster's Paradise [Away From Whipplethorn] (2013)
  Fierce Creatures [Away From Whipplethorn] (2013)
  Flare-up [Away From Whipplethorn] (2013)
  A Good Man Gone [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2013)
  Diver Down [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2013)
  Dry Spell [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2014)
  Double Black Diamond [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2014)
  A Wicked Chill [Away From Whipplethorn] (2014)
  In the Worst Way [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2015)
  Drop Dead Red [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2015)
  The Wife of Riley [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2016)
  A Sin and a Shame [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2016)
  To the Eternal [Away From Whipplethorn] (2016)
  My Bad Grandad [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2017)
  Brain Trust [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2017)
  Down and Dirty [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2018)
  Small Time Crime [Mercy Watts Mysteries] (2019)