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Full Name: Carter Matheson
Nationality: American
Organization: Bureau
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dave Temple
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Carter Matheson is an agent with the Bureau.

This is definitely, absolutely not the FBI. That fine establishment's role is to investigate federal crimes and arrest the perpetrators. The Bureau for which Matheson works directs him and a handful of other operatives like him to kill enemies of the state.

That is his main purpose. As he tells us succinctly at the beginning of the first recorded adventure, "My name is Carter. I am a hunter. I hunt bad guys". What he does not say explicitly is that he kills them when his hunt is successful. He does not have to, really, because to him, it is implicit in the term "hunt".

Matheson lets us know in a prologue of that first tale he was always very good at hunting. He got his first bow and arrow set when he was eight and learned how to use it. Then came a BB rifle at around nine. Then knives around ten. Then a .22 at age 11. And so on. But while the power of the weaponry increased as his age did, he kept up with the previous items. By the time he was old enough for the military, he was already an excellent shot.

His father was an officer in the Marines, a tough old bird who lived and breathed the Corps and brought his son up knowing that being a jarhead was the way to go. Young Matheson joined the Army. I think that says a whole lot about the relationship.

He excelled in the Army. Went on to become a member of their Special Forces. Honed his hunting skills to become one of the best. Got noticed by the ultra secret Bureau. And now works for them, doing what he does so very well - hunting.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Long Shot Long Shot
aka Lucky Strikes
Written by Dave Temple
Copyright: 2019

There is a person high up in the defense of the U.S. that is selling secrets to the enemy. That person may be in the Pentagon or even in the White House. The secret group called the Bureau assigns the job of tracking down and eliminating whoever it to their agent, Carter Matheson. This mission will lead him and his two helpers, his own father, Lt. Colonel Matheson and his best friend Mack, to steamy Nicaragua.
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2 Dead Lock Dead Lock
aka Behind The 8 Ball
Written by Dave Temple
Copyright: 2019

Carter Matheson and his friend and colleague, Mack, had hardly returned from their latest mission when they learn that Lt. Colonel Matheson has been kidnapped. Tracking down who snatched him and why will pit the two against the very nasty Dr. Leonard Caprese, a man who has aligned himself with a notorious drug and gun dealer called the Scorpion.
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3 Check Mate Check Mate
aka Knuckle Down
Written by Dave Temple
Copyright: 2019

The daughter of the Mayor of New York was kidnapped, the ransom was paid, and the young girl was returned. Then another demand is received - pay a very large amount or the entire area around Gracie Mansion would be obliterated. The Mayor's wife decides to handle this one herself and she calls in an old flame to handle finding and killing the one responsible. That old boyfriend is Carter Matheson.


The Matheson adventures are full of adventure - a whole of it to please any thrill-seeking reader. We also are given a chance to get to know the main character through his many observations and recollections. Personally, while it was good to know these things to understand why he does what he does when he does it, these looks into his thoughts are enough to know this is a very dangerous man and enough to make me not want to go have drinks with him. Not that I would be worried too much from him since he is not a psycho; I would be concerned that he is a magnet for bad things happening around him. He is able to take care of himself. Me, not so much.


My Grade: B


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