Writing as: Dave Temple

According to the bio on his website: "I spent nearly 25 years of my professional broadcasting career working as a Morning Radio Host in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Norfolk and Charlotte. I have also been lucky enough to craft a handsome career working as an actor in Television and Film. For my entire career, I have worked as a voiceover artist, acting as spokesperson for hundreds of clients and for literally thousands of products and services around the world.

For many years, I dabbled in making short films, until one day I decided to take my very first self-published book, Discovering Grace, and turn it into a screenplay. After raising all funding, and hiring all the crew, I was lucky enough to turn my dream into the award-winning independent film, Chasing Grace. It sold quickly to Word Entertainment, and can now be seen on a number of streaming services like: Netflix, AmazonPrime and Pureflix, and in 119 countries around the world.

Now, in what I call my “Chapter Three,” I am fortunate to be writing thrillers full-time. My Carter Matheson Thriller Series features a retired special ops assassin who is hired by a covert government group to solve problems; as a hunter, he hunts bad men. The series includes: Lucky Strikes, Behind The 8 Ball, and Knuckle Down."

Series Books
Carter Matheson Long Shot (2019)
  Dead Lock (2019)
  Check Mate (2019)
Other Devour (2019)
  The Poser [Paul Norelli] (2019)
  The Imposter [Pat Norelli] (2019)
  Chasing Grace (2019)