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Full Name: Caria Milosc
Series Name: The Trinity Missions
Nationality: American
Organization: Trinity
Occupation Agent

Creator: Drea Damara
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Matricaria 'Caria' Milosc is an agent with Trinity.

Trinity is a "private, covert intelligence organization [Gerald 'Gerry' Strakner] established after his career as a case officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. His company specialized in providing services that were in-demand, but difficult to obtain".

"When governments, intelligence organizations, and private-sector individuals couldn't send their own people to undertake questionable tasks for fear of exposure or lack of know-how, they hired Gerry. He had built a well-oiled machine of highly-skilled intelligence collectors, analysts, information technology specialists, and weaponry technicians. Through private meetings, often over a highball in the back booth of a dimly lit pub or restaurant, Gerry met with government officials and powerful people seeking untraceable solutions to their problems."

Trinity has a fair number of operatives out in the field but the one that we get to follow is Milosc. When we first meet her, she is a U.S. Army counterintelligence officer working in the war zone of Iraq in 2006, recruiting and handling citizens to help track down and eliminate insurgents. She first meets her future boss, Strakner, when he is impersonating a Russian and trying to recruit for an assassination mission; she meets and takes him prisoner!

To her surprise, within a couple of days she is told she is no longer part of the military and is being flown to a meeting with the CIA. Then even more surprising, Strakner tells her he arranged the transfer but it was not to be with the Agency but with his Trinity - such was the kind of strings he was able to pull. Jump ahead five years and Milosc is Trinity's best and most experienced field operative.

Milosc was raised by her Russian mother who had immigrated to the U.S towards the end of the Cold War. Due to her mother's insistence, Milosc speaks fluent Russian complete with a valid accent. She has also mastered Arabic. With the proper disguises and covers, her range of operational territory is impressive.

Good Lines:
- Told by Milosc to her future boss, "You might as well remember my name, but just remember along with it that there's nothing in this world that scares me."
- When chided that everyone is afraid of something, Milosc replies, "Everyone who has something to lose".
- "What do you do when life gives you lemons? Beat the s**t out of them and send them back to life in a body bag."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Chasing Vengeance Chasing Vengeance
Written by Drea Damara
Copyright: 2019

When the organization known as Trinity fell under attack, the CEO, Gerry Strakner, had to concentrate on that and leave one of his best agents, Caria Milosc, to survive in the field on her own. He does ask a reclusive mercenary to lend a hand but whether the trust is warranted is another question.
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2 No Death For The Wicked No Death For The Wicked
Written by Drea Damara
Copyright: 2019

"Does revenge have an expiration date? Broken hearted and bullet-ridden, agent Caria Milosc returns to work after the attack that nearly toppled the Trinity intelligence organization. As she digs deeper into her new mission, she uncovers secrets about her boss, leaving her with a moral dilemma—show mercy or taste revenge."
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From her Author Notes in the first adventure, she had crafted these books a few years earlier but shelved them because having a Chechen as a protagonist at a time right after the Boston Marathon bombing was a bad idea; "the world would not be ready".

She likely was right but with so much time having passed now, it is likely there will not be any more Caria Milosc adventures and for that I am sorry. I really enjoyed reading about her and her less than sunny attitude towards, well, most everything.

Milosc's attitude is summed nicely in the tag line for the second adventure: "Revenge has no expiration date..." Do not mess with her.


My Grade: A-


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