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Full Name: Caria Milosc
Series Name: Trinity Missions
Nationality: -
Organization: Trinity
Occupation Agent

Creator: Drea Damara
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


First Look:

Caria Milosc is an agent with Trinity.

First of all I want to say I was torn between naming this series after Milosc or after the organization for which she works. I have gone with Milosc, obviously, but I may change that some day.

Trinity is a "private, covert intelligence organization [Gerald 'Gerry' Strakner] established after his career as a case officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. His company specialized in providing services that were in-demand, but difficult to obtain".

"When governments, intelligence organizations, and private-sector individuals couldn't send their own people to undertake questionable tasks for fear of exposure or lack of know-how, they hired Gerry. He had built a well-oiled machine of highly-skilled intelligence collectors, analysts, information technology specialists, and weaponry technicians. Through private meetings, often over a highball in the back booth of a dimly lit pub or restaurant, Gerry met with government officials and powerful people seeking untraceable solutions to their problems."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Chasing Vengeance Chasing Vengeance
Written by Drea Damara
Copyright: 2019

When the organization known as Trinity fell under attack, the CEO, Gerry Strakner, had to concentrate on that and leave one of his best agents, Caria Milosc, to survive in the field on her own. He does ask a reclusive mercenary to lend a hand but whether the trust is warranted is another question.
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2 No Death For The Wicked No Death For The Wicked
Written by Drea Damara
Copyright: 2019

"Does revenge have an expiration date? Broken hearted and bullet-ridden, agent Caria Milosc returns to work after the attack that nearly toppled the Trinity intelligence organization. As she digs deeper into her new mission, she uncovers secrets about her boss, leaving her with a moral dilemma—show mercy or taste revenge."
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