Writing as: Drea Damara

According to the bio on Amazon: "Drea Damara was born in Illinois where she grew up working on her family's farm. Raised in a home of seven with one television, she spent much of her time in the fifty acres of woods on her family's property or reading. Damara began to write poetry in her early teens and saw her first works published at nineteen. She put writing aside to join the Army and later returned to the Middle East conducting similar work as a civilian. Damara is the author of the Blinney Lane series, a New Adult crossover fantasy, and the Trinity Missions series, an espionage thriller about a female intelligence operative."

Series Books
Caria Milosc Chasing Vengeance (2019)
  No Death For The Wicked (2019)
Other A Winter's Romance (2015)
  The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane [Blinney Lane] (2018)
  Beyond Farwin Wood [Blinney Lane] (2019)