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Full Name: Dan Stone
Series Name: The Assassin Series
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Nees
Time Span: 2017 - 2023


Dan Stone is an agent for the CIA.

Technically he is a contract killer for the Agency which means that they can use him to eliminate the people they deem needing such a procedure but if he should be caught or discovered, he is not officially connected to them in any way so they can, and most definitely would, wash their pristine hands of him and leave him to his fate.

His fate when they first contact him is not so good.

Stone grew up in Brooklyn and was content to stay there, especially after meeting Rita in high school. They married right after graduation and he, interested in cooking for years, got a job helping out in a restaurant. After several years, though, he felt his career had stalled and together they decided a change was in order.

That change would be enlisting into the army where Stone would discover a skill he never knew he had; he was a natural sniper. He was so good that he was sent to a military school just to hone that talent.

After two very involved tours in Iraq, he left the Army and he and Rita scapped up enough to open a small restaurant of their own back home. Hard work paid off and the place was proving successful. Unfortunately that meant attracting the attention of the local mob and when relations did not go well, including an altercation with one of their newest enforcers, an enemy was made.

A firebomb thrown into the place one evening to teach Stone and his wife a lesson resulted in the place being destroyed and Rita, now pregnant, killed.

Stone wanted justice. The legal system was not providing it so he called upon his skills learned in the military to get it himself. He was successful but it also meant that he was very much wanted by the authorities as well as the surviving Family members.

Enter this point a representative from the Agency with an offer. Work for them, usually on near-impossible missions where a sniper was called for, and a new life was possible.

So now Stone does what he does best.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2023

1 Payback Payback
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2017

The mob destroyed his restaurant and with it his pregnant wife. Dan Stone has only one goal in life - revenge. When he is done taking down the crime family responsible, there is no good way out. Then he is contacted by a covert group and offered a new life with a new purpose.
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2 The Shaman The Shaman
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2018

The mission from the CIA was to go into the Chihuahuan desert to remove the head of the Sinaloa cartel. After he pulled off the impossible, though, Dan Stone found his extraction a bust and he is on his own. Wandering through the desert, Stone comes upon an Indian shaman who shows him a future. The way to achieve that, though, requires going on a mission for that shaman which will entail saving the wife and the children of the drug lord he just killed.
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3 The Captive Girl The Captive Girl
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2018

Dan Stone is on a mission in eastern Europe when, against the command from his bosses, he rescues a runaway girl and kills her captor. That puts them on the run from a pair of killers.
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4 The Assassin and the Pianist The Assassin and the Pianist
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2020

Dan Stone is injured and alone. His memory is gone and his chances seem as well. Then stumbling through a chilling winter, he comes upon a young woman, a pianist by trade, who offers help and possibly more, if he can escape those after him.
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5 Death In The Congo Death In The Congo
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2020

Dan Stone is sent to Africa to stop the Chinese from getting a major foothold in the Congo. The DRC has a huge supply of two rare elements, niobium and tantalum which the Chinese want to control. Stone is to interfere with that plan by taking out a Chinese general but if his mission is detected, it could be start of another world war.
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6 Scorpion Scorpion
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2022

He inflicts pain and death upon those he encounters. Now he’s killed someone close to Dan and those he loves. It’s become more than a mission for Dan; it’s personal now. The assassin may want to lure Dan into his trap to kill him, but Dan has other ideas. He must track this killer to his lair in a desperate attempt to eliminate him before anyone else dies. Dan’s quest takes him through Europe into the dark and remote parts of the Middle-East, far from any support from his handlers.
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7 Rogue Mission Rogue Mission
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2023

When a deadly terrorist plot threatens the United States, one man is determined to stop it, no matter the cost. Dan Stone is a resourceful operator, willing to risk it all to protect his country and his community, but he’s hampered by his agency. Limited by bureaucratic restrictions, and with the clock ticking, Dan must take matters into his own hands and stop the terrorists before it's too late. He will have to act outside of the rules and face the consequences later…if he’s successful.

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8 Revenger Revenger
Written by David Nees
Copyright: 2023

"A new enemy emerges that Dan Stone has to confront. The bombings occur almost simultaneously. They cause much death and destruction. International agreements are threatened, and Dan and his team must find those responsible and bring them to rough justice. But there is a new terrorist leader who senses Dan has an advantage and seeks to neutralize it. Dan’s pursuit leads him to engage the help of an unlikely ally and takes him across some of the most dangerous parts of the Middle East in pursuit of the Revenger."
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This action-packed series is a natural for fans of men's adventure books, as the term was back in the late 60's and early 70's when Mack Bolan, aka the Executioner, started a new sub-genre.

I mention that series, which I was pleased to have discovered back in the day, because there is a lot of similarity between it and the Stone books. Not only is the situation alike in that the Mob destroyed the hero's family and he goes after vengeance, but the writing has the same feel to me. Stone comes across as a man who is understandably angry and determined to not just take the injustice but to strike back. His trek of vengeance against the Mafia does not last a long as Bolan's but his desire to do something stays with him.

But after that initial adventure, the series takes a very enjoyable journey down other roads. While each book will enjoy a great deal of adventure, each has a 'taste' of its own and each is fun in its own way.


My Grade: B+


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