Writing as: David Nees

According to the bio on his website: "After receiving a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters of Education, I began my working career as a teacher…until I was seduced by motorcycles. I threw myself into racing and soon realized that I could not devote the time and attention to teaching that the profession demanded.

So I left teaching and opened a motorcycle dealership, thereby starting up a dual career as motorcycle dealer and racer. After achieving some level of professional success as a racer (local track record) and enjoying the fruits of local stardom, I realized my future did not lie in racing (I’m not really built for the sport, being six feet, four inches tall). The motorcycle business then expanded into the fitness business, as treadmills seemed to be more lucrative, if less exciting, than motorcycles, and I went on to build a twenty-seven store regional chain.

Since stepping away from the business world, I have begun full-time writing. I live with my wife, the love of my life, in Virginia. When not writing, I can be found sailing my A Class catamaran sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay (motorcycles having been replaced by sailboats)."

Series Books
Dan Stone Payback (2017)
  The Shaman (2018)
  The Captive Girl (2018)
  The Assassin and the Pianist (2020)
  Death In The Congo (2020)
  Scorpion (2022)
  Rogue Mission (2023)
  Revenger (2023)