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Full Name: Bobby Bridger
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Other - Consultant

Creator: Heath Stallcup
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Bobby Bridger is a consultant with the FBI.

That is far from the truth but deciding a better way of identifying him in one line is difficult.

This is what the interagency flyer circulated about him states:

"Bobby Bridger is cooperating as an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Domestic Terrorist Threat Assessment Team, Central Division in the identification and classification of various 'patriot group' threats and online communications not currently under direct surveillance through normal electronic media. Mr. Bridger is being flagged as a voluntary, participating, cooperating witness and shall not be flagged by other agencies for activities performed in the line of duty."

When we first meet him, Bridger is most definitely not affiliated with anyone. He "had long ago given up on 'normal' life and bought this remote patch of wooded acreage deep in the heart of Wood County Texas right after he quit working for Uncle Sam. He'd spent too many years in the military and even more years as a private contractor for various federal agencies doing things that he was no longer proud of. At the time, he'd felt it was a necessary evil. Now, he wasn't so sure. "No longer trusting his government, nor himself, he relegated himself to a life of seclusion. He cut himself off from the creature comforts that many now consider necessities and chose to live in this slightly modernized version of a cave - a hand-built, earth-bermed house that, from nearly every angle, appeared to be simply a grassy hill in the middle of the forty acres of woods."

That is when an old friend, Roger Webster, came by and asked for a favor - install a provided satellite dish and use the laptop computer also provided to monitor numerous conspiracy theory chat rooms and survivalist forums for suspicious activity. And that is also when, after having done that for several weeks, someone decided to set him up. Bad move.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

1 Flags of the Forgotten Flags of the Forgotten
Written by Heath Stallcup
Copyright: 2018

Bobby Bridger and his team just wanted to do their job but when the people they worked for make the team the scapegoat and turned on them, that team had no choice but to take on the Agency.
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2 Burning Bridges Burning Bridges
Written by Heath Stallcup
Copyright: 2020

Bravo Team is being targeted so they do what they do best - they take the fight to the enemy. This will involve Columbian drug gangs, Mexican Federales, and even the CIA. They will learn that trapping the team is never a smart move.
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First, I think that the house/cave that Bridger built is way cool. I know I would not want to live in it for long but a few days and nights would be neat.

As for the two adventures about Bridger, I am reminded that of an old adage that says "sometimes being paranoid is not a bad thing". With that in mind, if you are not at least a tad bit looking over your shoulder while reading these stories, you aren't reading hard enough.

Of course, when 'they' decide to come after Bridger, 'they' get to learn that very same thing about being paranoid applies to them because when you really tick off Bridger, and these people do, it is not a good thing - for them. For us, it is a lot of fun reading.


My Grade: B+


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