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Full Name: Rose Clarke and John Fairchild
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: T. M. Parris
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


       Rose Clarke is an agent with MI6.
       John Fairchild is a freelance agent and adventurer.
       We meet both of these individuals in separate, short adventures which take place some time before their lives will begin to intersect.
       Our initial contact with Clarke occurs when she is a resident agent with the British Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, part of a team looking into a growing organization of anti-Muslim extremists called the Crusaders, a 'sect' that wants to make a very loud, very lethal statement. A failure on this mission will result in her being in a very precarious situation professionally.
       John Fairchild is introduced to us when he is in the Philippines and is asked to find the whereabouts of a group of people taken prisoner by Islamic militants and held somewhere in the jungle on one of the many islands in that chain. We are given a chance to see how someone of his experience and attitude handles tricky and dangerous problems.
       In the first full-size adventure the two of them meet at the very beginning and it is an action-filled meeting, brought about on purpose by Clarke but ended by Fairchild though going in a direction neither expected nor wanted. Hardly the best way to start a partnership, if you can call it that.
       In truth, I am certain neither of them are looking for a partnership. Clarke is, as mentioned, just getting over a failure that upsets her and which has upset the career path she has had for some time, being a determined and admittedly ambitious person. Fairchild is someone who relies largely on himself alone and who has no interest in working as part of a team. It seems there is a fair amount of growling at the other when they are near but both are good at their jobs.

       The author has been kind enough to give these two synopses of the characters:
John Fairchild
Growing up, he was a happy only child, often ensconced in boarding schools while his intellectually heavyweight parents pursued their diplomatic careers elsewhere in the world. But John Fairchild's childhood came to an abrupt end aged ten when his parents disappeared one evening, a story told in Reborn. Fairchild has been trying to solve this mystery ever since, and quickly became disillusioned with the authorities in his homeland, who he became convinced were covering up what really happened. Equipping himself with the skills needed to pursue the truth, he developed business interests and a network of loyal contacts all over the world. A speaker of multiple languages, Fairchild has no loyalty to anyone, least of all the country of his birth. He keeps in with the world of secret intelligence and his services are often in demand on a freelance basis. He's not an assassin - he's an information mercenary, collecting intelligence for a fee. But he will drop everything - and risk everything - for a chance to find out what happened all those years ago. He is utterly committed to this task, which is the only thing of importance in his life - until he meets Rose Clarke.

Rose Clarke
Leaving a top-class education with languages including French and Russian, Clarke travelled for a while before embracing the world of secret intelligence to escape the dull suburban life which had been her family's milieu until then. She served first in North Africa and was then posted to Zagreb, Croatia, where her promising career derailed after she failed to prevent a fatal attack on home turf. An old-school MI6 officer she's never met before makes her an offer: find John Fairchild and I will get you your job back and put everything straight. She doesn't have it in her to refuse, even when she knows how difficult the task will be. Rose only wants to do one thing with her life: save lives, British lives, through gathering intelligence. She knows she's good at it and isn't afraid of the murky decisions officers like her sometimes have to make. She's ambitious - why shouldn't she be? She has the skills and the determination to make it to the top. John Fairchild? He's just a globe-trotting mercenary of dubious loyalty, a means to an end. She doesn't welcome her involvement with him, but she'll use him if she has to.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Reborn Reborn
Written by T. M. Parris
Copyright: 2020

Rose Clarke is in the doghouse with her bosses at British Intelligence when they give her a chance to redeem herself by tracking down a freelance agent named John Fairchild, said to be operating in the Far East and who may be selling British secrets. Both get involved in the affair of Jinpa, a Tibetan monk the Chinese government want kept under wraps.
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2 Moscow Honey Moscow Honey
Written by T. M. Parris
Copyright: 2020

The demand for the Bear, an aging Russian crime boss, is high. The State wants to control him using his son as bait. MI6 wants a piece of him as well and Rose Clarke sees a chance for advancement by being the one to do it. John Fairchild holds a secret from the days of the Cold War and revealing it could cause trouble for more than just him.
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3 The Colours The Colours
Written by T. M. Parris
Copyright: 2021

Clarke and Fairchild are sent to glamorous Monaco to get hold of the traitor Grom's fortune. They are not the only ones after it as the Russians very much want their hands on it and Grom, of course, is not very keen on letting it go. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that Clark and Fairchild are having trouble trusting each other.
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Trade Winds Trade Winds
Written by T. M. Parris
Copyright: 2020

A prequel to the novels.
John Fairchild is hired to locate hostages held by Islamic extremists on a jungle island in Southeast Asia.

2 Crusader Crusader
Written by T. M. Parris
Copyright: 2020

A prequel to the novels.
In Zagreb, Croatia, residents are wanting to aim to the future but resentment over the past remains a problem. Rose Clarke has been sent there by her bosses on a mission but her control of the situation is slipping away.




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