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Full Name: Leila Reid
Nationality: British
Organization: CTC
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alan Porter
Time Span: 2015 - 2020


Leila Reid is a British police detective.

She holds the rank of Detective Sergeant with the Metropolitan Police Force's Counter-Terrorism Command. It is because of this role and the people she goes up against in that role that she more than qualifies for membership in this compendium.

When we first meet her, she has that DS rank but when she receives a phone call from her immediate supervisor at the start of the first recorded adventure, she is expecting that her services were no longer desired with the outfit; that instead of ending her six-month suspension, she was being let go. She was wrong.

Well, a bit wrong. The man a bit further up the chain of command still wanted her gone; the same man that "hung [her] out to dry in an IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) inquiry" was not aware she was being recalled and would certainly have been miffed about it. Still, Reid is considered the best in the department with an remarkable ability to discern valid intel "without getting bogged down in false trails". As her main detractor in the force admits, she has terrific abilities at gleaning vital information from the evidence; the reason for her suspension was because of the methods she sometimes took to obtain that evidence. When on being reinstated she is admonished to make sure she followed procedure, she counters that she follows the evidence; the implication was that procedure be damned.

Reid does not lack for confidence in her abilities. When she is grudgingly admitted into a case she states without boast or bravado that she would find the bomber in question. No doubt. No ambiguity or hedging. In another instance, she is accused of having tried to kill a man who ended up with a good number of physical injuries. She matter-of-factly informed the questioner, "I didn't try to kill him. If I had, he'd be dead". That is confidence.

Good Line:
- When challenged that she had made unauthorized contact with a suspect, she replies, "If shooting her counts as contact, yes".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2020

1 Sleeper Cell Sleeper Cell
Written by Alan Porter
Copyright: 2015

Three days before peace talks were set to begin in London, a huge bomb explosion takes place in the center of the city. Leila Reid is pulled off of suspension to take part in the investigation. While most of the police force is out looking for an ISIS cell, she is certain the cause lies somewhere else and that a much bigger plan is undersay.
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2 Jerusalem Blind Jerusalem Blind
Written by Alan Porter
Copyright: 2020

Taking place four days after the last adventure, Leila Reid finds herself along on a pilotless private jet 20k feet over the Negev Desert with no idea how she got there or why. More importantly, she has no idea how to fly the plane. Crash landing is just the beginning of her troubles.
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You gotta love Reid's chutzpah; unless you are one of her superiors then, well, not so much. She has the audacity to insist on solving the case she is given instead of playing nice with the brass and not making waves.

I got to really like Reid's attitude towards, well, everyone. Mind you, if I had the unfortunate task of managing her, I would be pulling my hair out in tufts and living on antacids. As a reader, though, you go, girl!

I'm not sure if the author is planning any more adventures of Leila Reid. I certainly hope so.


My Grade: B+


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