Writing as: Alan Porter

According to the bio on Amazon: "Alan Porter was born in Wales. After a successful career as a composer of theatre and commercial music in the 1990s he began writing in 2003. His first novel - a horror for young adults - was published in 2008.

Alan now specialises in dark thrillers for adults; parables for our modern times that deal with subjects as diverse as mental illness ('Run', 2013) and genetic modification ('GM' 2014).

He lives in rural Worcestershire, England, with his parrot."

Series Books
Leila Reid Sleeper Cell (2015)
  Jerusalem Blind (2020)
Other The Black Pear [YA] (2011)
  Midwinter Lucie [YA] (2011)
  Descent (2012)
  Run (2013)
  GM (2014)
  Realm of Violence (2017)