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Full Name: Hawk Tate
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Wilderness Guide

Creator: Dustin Stevens
Time Span: 2015 - 2024


Jeremiah Hawkens 'Hawk' Tate is a wilderness guide.

He is a member of this compendium because he keeps finding himself being pulled into matters that an experienced operative would be used to. He just does not have an agency or a bureau to back him up.

He used to have one, five years before we first meet him. It was the DEA and he was one of their best but he paid for being so good with the loss of his family in a fire and after that, he stopped caring about, well, anything. When it slowly became time to rejoin the human race, he did so but only in small amounts.

He loved the outdoors and he was darned good at hunting and fishing and being able to be track. The fact that the nickname from his middle name did not hurt in his new line of work which was to make a new career in the wilderness of western Montana.

Tate is 34 at our introduction. Considering how he spends most of his time outside, hiking and the like, it is no wonder his 6'2" (or thereabouts) frame is in pretty good shape. He keeps busy during the season which usually runs from April to October, though the edges of both ends tend to be mostly dependent on the weather.

He has a partner in his outdoor expedition company. Kaylan is a short woman, just a couple inches over five feet, who has been with him in the business for three years. She is 28 years old. As times go by she will get pulled into some of his non-guide business and she is pretty capable of taking care of herself, too.

Having worked in quite of few of the hot spots in the drug trade throughout all of the Americas, Tate has made a few very close friends and quite a few very determined enemies, or relatives of former enemies. More than one of the latter will come by for a visit.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2024

1 Cold Fire Cold Fire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2015

Five years ago when he was a DEA agent, the cartels struck out at him and his family paid the price. Now he has retreated to Montana to live a quiet life. When a woman arrives offering to pay a lot of money to have him find her missing brother, Hawk Tate says no. Then gunfire comes their way and he is in the middle of it.
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2 Cover Fire Cover Fire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2015

The young photographer Lake Pawlak had been in the Anza-Borrego Desert taking night photos when she accidentally witness a secret meeting she was not supposed to. Now she is being hunted and being shunted from one police agency to another until she arrives at the DEA. Mia Diaz, the SAC, knows they need special help and she calls upon Hawk Tate.
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3 Fire And Ice Fire And Ice
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2016

In eastern Montana, a young emergency room doctor steps outside during a blizzard to help a truck with an injured passenger. She disappears. The sheriff knows he needs help and he reluctantly goes to Hawk Tate. The case will put them both in the middle of a very dangerous drug trade operation.
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4 Hellfire Hellfire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2018

A former fishing client of Hawk Tate has a chance to fish the beautiful region of Patagonia but his guide backed out at the last minute. Rather than go alone or cancel, he calls Tate to join him and Tate, since it is the slow period for his own business agrees. Their plane will take them over Venezuela and when they are forced to land in Caracas, they end up in a very explosive presidential election.
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5 Home Fire Home Fire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2018

The voice on the phone had years ago with the death of Hawk Tate's family placed the blame on his shoulders and vowed to never speak again. Now that person is calling for help when something horrible made the call vital.
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6 Wild Fire Wild Fire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2019

A simple celebration for Hawk Tate and his guide business partner Kaylan ends with both almost dying. Hundreds of miles away, Tate's former partner with the DEA and that man's wife are attacked. Someone from their past has returned to cause death and misery.
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7 Friendly Fire Friendly Fire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2021

"For the past year, Hawk Tate lived in a perpetual state of dread over when the phone might ring. A call stemming from his actions just north of the border many months before, resulting in a marker owed to a certain government agency. An organization that will not be refused, and always comes to collect their debts.
A message from an unknown sender arrives on his work answering machine one Sunday morning. An individual with shared history needing help of a vastly different nature, and Hawk can’t say no."
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8 Catching Fire Catching Fire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2022

"Two years ago, rookie ATF agent Harper Rowe witnessed the death of her partner and mentor in a fiery explosion at the headquarters of a man they’d been investigating. The start of what became an obsession, tracking the man she held responsible for six months before finally apprehending him.
The first major score of her career, elevating her to a full-blown agent and providing some modicum of justice for her fallen friend. Accountability that lasted until the prison transport van was hijacked three weeks ago, releasing the murderer and seven other criminals back onto the streets, renewing the fixation Rowe experienced so long ago."
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9 Forest Fire Forest Fire
Written by Dustin Stevens
Copyright: 2024

"When Hawk Tate went to bed the night before, he took the massive winter squall raging along the western front of the Rocky Mountain range as a sign the winter tour of Yellowstone Park scheduled for the next morning wasn’t meant to be. What he had no way of knowing was that while he was safe in his bed, a small plane was passing high overhead. A vessel en route from Seattle to Denver, with no choice but to try and push through. A doomed effort, forcing them down into the most remote part of the park with cargo that many parties will do anything to recover. Including kidnapping Hawk and his partner and demanding they take them to the crash site."
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I became a huge Dustin Stevens fan with his fantastic Reed & Billie thrillers. Those are not spy-fi novels in the least so they do have have an entry here but that did not keep me from picking up a few and spending wonderful time in that universe.

So having already decided I liked the man's work and needing to read the Hawk Tate series for this compendium, I was predisposed to like it. And like it I did!

I really like Tate. He is a good man to have around when the trouble starts, although there is some evidence to the theory that trouble just follows him.

I especially like his partner, Kaylan. A lot.


My Grade: A-


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