Writing as: T. R. Kohler, Dustin Stevens

According to the bio on his website: "I originally hail from the midwest, growing up in the heart of farm country, and still consider it, along with West Tennessee, my co-home. Between the two, I have a firm belief that football is the greatest of all past-times, sweet tea is really the only acceptable beverage for any occasion, there is not an event on earth that either gym shorts or boots can't be worn to, and that Dairy Queen is the best restaurant on the planet. Further, southern accents are a highly likeable feature on most everybody, English bulldogs sit atop the critter hierarchy, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Saturday night spent catfishing at the lake.

Since leaving the midwest I've been to college in New England, grad school in the Rockies, and lived in over a dozen different cities ranging from DC to Honolulu along the way. Each and every one of these experiences has shaped who I am at this point, a fact I hope is expressed in my writing. I have developed enormous affinity for locales and people of every size and shape, and even if I never figure out a way to properly convey them on paper, I am very much grateful for their presence in my life."

Series Books
T. R. Kohler
Other Shoot to Wound (2017)
  The Ring (2017)
  Peeping Thoms (2017)
  The Hunter (2019)
Dustin Stevens
Hawk Tate Cold Fire (2015)
  Cover Fire (2015)
  Fire And Ice (2016)
  Hellfire (2018)
  Home Fire (2018)
  Wild Fire (2019)
Other Number Four (2010)
  The Zoo Crew [Zoo Crew] (2012)
  Just A Game (2012)
  Zombie Kill (2012)
  21 Hours (2012)
  Catastrophic (2013)
  Dead Peasants [Zoo Crew] (2013)
  Tracer [Zoo Crew] (2013)
  Twelve (2013)
  Liberation Day (2013)
  Ohana (2013)
  Scars and Stars (2013)
  Krokodil (2014)
  Motive (2014)
  Be My Eyes (2014)
  Quarterback (2014)
  Going Viral (2015)
  The Glue Guy [Zoo Crew] (2015)
  The Boat Man [Reed & Billie] (2015)
  Moonblink [Zoo Crew] (2016)
  The Debt (2016)
  The Good Son [Reed & Billie] (2016)
  The Kid [Reed & Billie] (2016)
  The Partnership [Reed & Billie] (2017)
  The Subway (2017)
  One Last Day (2017)
  Justice [Reed & Billie] (2018)
  Danny the Daydreamer...Visits the Old West! [Danny the Daydreamer] (2018)
  Danny the Daydreamer ... Goes to the Grammy's! [Danny the Daydreamer] (2018)
  Spare Change [My Mira Saga] (2018)
  Office Visit [My Mira Saga] (2018)
  Fair Trade [My Mira Saga] (2018)
  The Exchange[Hobby Lobby] (2018)
  The Scorekeeper [Reed & Billie] (2018)
  Ships Passing [My Mira Saga] (2019)
  Ham [Ham] (2019)
  Even [Ham] (2019)
  The Bear [Reed & Billie] (2019)
  Decisions (2020)
  The Shuffle [Zoo Crew] (2020)
  The Driver [Reed & Billie] (2020)
  Warning Shot [My Mira Saga] (2020)
  Four (2020)