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Full Name: Steve Case
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Phillip Strang
Time Span: 2015 - 2015


Steve Case is an agent with the CIA.

On our first encounter with Case, indeed the first page, second chapter, we are given a useful chunk of information that helps us quickly get an idea of the gravitas that the man brings to his adventures: "Steve Case, from Rock Hill in South Carolina, was tall, well over six feet, in his late thirties, ex-U.S. Special Forces and employed as a civilian communication engineer in the country [Afghanistan]. Chairing the hastily convened meeting, there was a report to prepare. He had a secondary and more discreet position as a CIA operative."

This series is really in two parts with the first book taking place at one point in Case's life and the next two likely occurring possibly as much as a decade later. For that reason I recommend reading them in order.

The Case who is the CIA agent while undercover in Afghanistan will evolve into Steve Case, head of Counter-Insurgencies, a private company whose main line of work is helping companies keep their people safe while traveling in very unsafe locales and, more importantly, in finding way to get those people out when things go wrong as they often did.

The earlier Case has a girl friend named Megan from Australia whom he meets while serving in Afghanistan. The later Case has a much loved wife of several years named Megan which shows that after leaving the Agency, Case not only created a company, he started a family. There is no indication of children, however.

Whichever Case we follow, though, the calmness and the intelligence with which the man goes about his business is impressive. He is not without his emotional side, naturally, but he is a fellow who thinks first and then acts.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

Sometimes it is a little tricky to come up with the order of presentation for adventures. This is one of those.

BookSeriesInOrder has The Haberman Virus, Hostage of Islam and A War Begun For No Fine Purpose.

His own website has it Hostage of Islam, The Haberman Virus, Prelude To War (aka A War Begun For No Fine Purpose).

I have it A War Begun For No Fine Purpose, Hostage of Islam, The Haberman Virus. I disagree with the other two sources (one of whom is the author who knows better than I) because major activity in AWBFNFP is mentioned in HOI and a major character is working for Case in HOI and talks of being a former employee in THV.

However .... It might be best to listen to the author. I mean, he wrote them!

1 A War Begun For No Find Purpose A War Begun For No Find Purpose
aka Prelude To War
Written by Phillip Strang
Copyright: 2015

The desire to claim control of the huge amount of newly realized mineral wealth in Afghanistan has put two powerful nations, America and Russia, up against each other and the worry about WWIII has risen as well. The deaths of key individuals in that region need to be understood and that means that Steve Case must put his life in danger to get the truth.
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2 Hostage of Islam Hostage of Islam
Written by Phillip Strang
Copyright: 2015

A raid on a small Baptist mission in northern Nigeria by a slave trader results in the deaths of the missionaries there and the capture of two young women members of group. It is the job of Steve Case and his small but effective team to find the retrieve both women before they are killed or sold.
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3 The Haberman Virus The Haberman Virus
Written by Phillip Strang
Copyright: 2015

The virus was extremely deadly and now, unfortunately, it was in the hands of a madman who has decided it is the tool he needs to set things right in Palestine. It is put on Steve Case and more specifically his colleague Yanny to stop the insane plot.
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This series enjoys solid writing and plotting and a couple of characters that make each scene they are in fun just for their presence. Steve Case is one largely because of his solid-ness even when things go badly as they do more than once. Yinny is the other because she is such an enjoyable character. She deserves an adventure or two all on her own and could easily carry it off. In my opinion, she steals the scene whenever she enters it, upstaging even Case.

Because it has been a few years since we got the three adventures we do have, it is not likely to be any more, though. That is a shame for us spy-fans but probably not for detective fans since he has been busy with his DI Tremayne.


My Grade: B+


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