Writing as: Phillip Strang

According to the bio on his website: "Phillip Strang was born in the late forties, the post-war baby boom in England; his childhood years, a comfortable middle-class upbringing in a small town, two hours drive west of London. An avid reader since childhood.

In his early twenties, the author, with a degree in electronics engineering left the cold and damp climes of England for Sydney, Australia. Now, forty years later, he still resides in Australia, although many intervening years spent in a myriad of countries, some calm and safe ? others, no more than war zones."

Series Books
Steve Case Hostage of Islam (2015)
  The Haberman Virus (2015)
  A War Begun For No Find Purpose (2015)
Other Murder Without Reason [DCI Cook Thriller] (2015)
  Murder Is a Tricky Business [DCI Cook Thriller] (2016)
  Murder House [DCI Cook Thriller] (2017)
  Murder Is Only a Number [DCI Cook Thriller] (2017)
  Murder in Little Venice [DCI Cook Thriller] (2017)
  Murder Is the Only Option [DCI Cook Thriller] (2017)
  Death and the Lucky Man [DI Tremayne] (2017)
  Death and the Assassin's Blade [DI Tremayne] (2017)
  Death Unholy [DI Tremayne] (2017)
  Death by a Dead Man's Hand [DI Tremayne] (2018)
  Death At Coombe Farm [DI Tremayne] (2018)
  Death In The Village [DI Tremayne] (2018)
  Murder has no Guilt [DCI Cook Thriller] (2018)
  Murder of a Silent Man [DCI Cook Thriller] (2018)
  Murder in Room 346 [DCI Cook Thriller] (2018)
  Murder in Notting Hill [DCI Cook Thriller] (2018)
  Burial Mound [DI Tremayne] (2019)
  The Body in the Ditch [DI Tremayne] (2019)
  Six Years Too Late [DCI Cook Thriller] (2019)
  Murder in Hyde Park [DCI Cook Thriller] (2019)
  The Horse's Mouth [DI Tremayne] (2020)
  Grave Passion [DCI Cook Thriller] (2020)