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Full Name: Max Fend
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrew Watts
Time Span: 2017 - 2024


Max Fend is an agent with the CIA.

He will be and, perhaps, he already has been. The last part is because as the first recorded adventure begins, we quickly learn that Fend has some history that requires keeping very confidential and it may be related to the Agency.

What we know for certain as the series begins is that Max Fend is the son of Charles Fend, founder, CEO, and principle owner of Fend Aerospace, a massively successful aeronautics business which is just about to unveil its latest innovation, a computer-automated commercial airliner.

"Everyone had heard of Fend Aerospace. When Max was growing up, most people that he met assumed that he was some spoiled rich prep school kid. And he had gone to all the best schools. They'd never been short of money. His father had taken him around the world on fabulous vacations. But he'd always had a chip on his shoulder. Max wanted to forge his own path. He hadn't gone on to work on Wall Street or as an investment banker, like many of his classmates at Princeton. Instead, he had chosen to take a job that allowed him to see the world, live an exciting life, and do something fulfilling." 

We learn early on the younger Fend, now just about to enter Georgetown to get his MBA, has spent the past 12 years obtaining "prior work experience [which] would qualify him for an elite subset of jobs, but those jobs were unrelated to managing an aerospace company". "It just wasn't the type of occupation that he could talk to people about. In that field, talking about your work was the quickest way to ending up dead in a ditch." Hence the earlier comment about already having been with the Agency.

Our introduction to Fend finds him entering another phase of his life to try something new. This means that Fend the younger, having earned his BA prior to this other work, is likely nearing his middle 30's. He is planning on earning that MBA and then joining the family business, working his way up a corporate ladder that his father has admitted is all set for his assent.

Unfortunately for Max Fend, someone has decided to throw Fend under a very heavy bus over something he had nothing to do with.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2024

1 Glidepath Glidepath
Written by Andrew Watts
Copyright: 2017

A nasty cyber attack on the computers of Fend Aerospace results in attention placed on the college son of the tycoon and founder. Max Fend is the main person of interest but when an ex-KGB agent and now wealthy man, Pavel Morozov, enters the scene, a whole new picture is painted. Now Max joins with a Canadian hacker named Renee, a former girl friend, to find a way to stop Morozov.
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2 The Oshkosh Connection The Oshkosh Connection
Written by Andrew Watts
Copyright: 2018

Now connected with the CIA, Max Fend is asked to attend the largest air show in the world, held in Oshkosh. There he and his partner Renee find evidence of a massive conspiracy, one that uses the renewed love of opiods to gain tremendous power, no matter who has to die along the way.
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3 Air Race Air Race
Written by Andrew Watts, Chris Bauer
Copyright: 2022

"The world’s eyes are on the Crown Prince of Dubai’s luxurious international air race. The event is meant to celebrate the new Israeli-UAE normalization agreement. Nine national teams will make seven stops over the course of a week. Taking off from the glittering French coast and traveling throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, the race will narrow down its contestants each leg before finishing in Dubai.
When the CIA learns that an infamous contract killer has been secretly sent to disrupt the event, they send Max Fend and partner Renee to join the race and foil any assassination attempt."
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4 Cobalt Cobalt
Written by Chris Bauer
Copyright: 2024

"When billionaire Max Fend and his hacker girlfriend Renee LeFrancois are enlisted by the FBI and CIA to search for a cobalt deposit in rural Pennsylvania, they're plunged into a race against time and international forces. Cobalt, the precious metal powering lithium-ion batteries, has the tech world scrambling for control, and the discovery of a new source ignites a frenzy. But as domestic and international stakeholders mobilize, the local community finds itself caught in the crossfire."
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I really, really enjoy Andrew Watts' writing style; it is clean and fast and easy to follow. His characters, good guys or bad guys or just bystanders, are made 'see-able' in my mind so when one of them does something, I can follow it and believe it.

I likes the character of Max Fend. Mind you, I was a bit jealous of his riches but I had to admit that he was willing to put his life on the line for his country more than once so begrudging him a billion or two seems petty.

I really like his protege and partner, Renee LeFrancois. Beautiful and smart, she is a computer geek and I tend to like all computer geeks, gorgeous or otherwise. And she is resourceful and brave and just fun to have on the team.

I do not know if the author is planning on any more Max Fend stories as he other series to occupy his writing time. I hope he does, though.


My Grade: A-


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