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Full Name: Tom Black
Nationality: British
Organization: TEP
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mike Winter
Time Span: 2016 - 2023


Tom Winter is an agent with TEP.

That acronym stands for the Threat "Elimination and Prevention". It was founded in 2002 as "a covert branch of MI5; off the books so the Government could maintain deniability if anything went wrong".

He has only recently joined the organization, coming to it after a four-year stint in the military. He had hoped that the army would help him get himself straight but unfortunately he "returned from Afghanistan every bit as troubled" as when he left for there. His troubles started as he became a teenage and his father disappeared. "Drink, drugs, and petty crime" marked his teen years. Then came a failed transition into adulthood complete with failure as a husband and a father to his young daughter, at least that is how he sees it. It was either the army or nothing for his choices.

His boss at TEP put it straight out: "You've lost your father, wife, daughter, and your mother can't remember your name. Your country is all you have left, you may as well try and save that hadn't you?"

When we first meet him, he is in his late twenties and he is hoping that this latest stage of his life will give him something he has been lacking; If not a purpose, at least something to keep busy enough to not let the demons in his head take over too much. He is determined to not let it be yet another failure but while his intelligence and his earnestness will be very important, he is still very new to the business and yet to learn the hard way that everyone has his or her own agenda.

Good Line:

"Agents with [messed] up backgrounds make the best recruits."


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

1 Mind Games Mind Games
Written by Mike Winter
Copyright: 2023

"In 1976, the US Government abandoned project MKUltra, a program shrouded in secrets and aimed at controlling the human mind. Fast forward to 2012, when shocking revelations surface: the CIA has covertly revived MKUltra, and their lead scientist, Dr. Robert Anderson, has defected to Russia to collaborate with a renegade terrorist faction.
Meet Agent Tom Black, a relentless operative on a mission to locate the rogue doctor and rescue a fellow British anti-terrorist agent who's fallen into enemy hands.
But Black carries a heavy burden—haunted by the enigmatic death of his closest friend, he now finds himself questioning every truth he's ever known. As the line between reality and deception blurs, embark on a thrilling journey with Agent Black as he navigates a world of covert operations, hidden agendas, and a quest for the ultimate truth. In a game of shadows and secrets, can he untangle the web of deceit before it consumes him?"
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 The First Time The First Time
Written by Mike Winter
Copyright: 2016

Tom Black joined the anti-terror organization to make up for things in his past. Now on his first assignment for it, his job is to find a shipment of weapons coming into the country and learn who it is that is bringing them in.
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2 Rogue Rogue
Written by Mike Winter
Copyright: 2017

His next mission is to hunt down and stop a rogue agent who is in Hong Kong to sell very important classified information to the Chinese. That is complicated enough but Black also has to worry about his colleagues who have their own agendas.
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I liked what I saw of Tom Black, well enough to have wanted to see more of him. I was hoping that the novel that was promised in the metadata on the second adventure would exist but I cannot find it. However, if it had existed, I would have likely preferred it to be a short one. The novella size of the two adventures we have of Black so far work really well for this character. The author did two good things with the series: picked a size large enough to tell a bit of Black's history while still giving us a good story to follow him with, and did it with some very fast, interesting writing.

I would like a bit more of Tom Black, please.


My Grade: B+


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