Mind Games

Mind Games

Written by Mike Winter

"In 1976, the US Government abandoned project MKUltra, a program shrouded in secrets and aimed at controlling the human mind. Fast forward to 2012, when shocking revelations surface: the CIA has covertly revived MKUltra, and their lead scientist, Dr. Robert Anderson, has defected to Russia to collaborate with a renegade terrorist faction.
Meet Agent Tom Black, a relentless operative on a mission to locate the rogue doctor and rescue a fellow British anti-terrorist agent who's fallen into enemy hands.
But Black carries a heavy burden—haunted by the enigmatic death of his closest friend, he now finds himself questioning every truth he's ever known. As the line between reality and deception blurs, embark on a thrilling journey with Agent Black as he navigates a world of covert operations, hidden agendas, and a quest for the ultimate truth. In a game of shadows and secrets, can he untangle the web of deceit before it consumes him?"