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Full Name: Maggie Black
Nationality: British
Organization: The Unit
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jack McSporran
Time Span: 2017 - 2020


Maggie Black is an agent with The Unit.

To anyone who bothered, or was able, to follow her as she headed to its headquarters, when she was in town she showed up at the five-story office building of Inked International, a global stationary supplier. That is what the civilian world saw. Those few in the know, however, it is by the name of The Unit. "Strictly speaking, the Unit didn't exist. Unlike the Secret Intelligence Service at Vauxhall Cross or MI5, everything about the Unit was underground. Only those with the highest clearance were privy to their inner workings. Unlike their public counterparts, the Unit's activities weren't strictly legal. When the need arose to step outside the law for the greater good, Maggie and her colleagues shouldered the burden and did what others could not."

While he is not the Director of the Unit, Bishop is the man that Black, and all the other operatives, report to, the man that knows everything anyone is doing and it sometimes sees what they are thinking.

Black has been an agent with the Unit since she joined at the young age of 16, just out of school and looking for a challenge. That was over a decade before the time we first meet her. Now at 27 years old, Black is considered by many to be the best agent that the organization has. This means to some that she gets the choicest assignments, being Bishop's 'pet' but to others, it means that the most dangerous and problematic missions get passed to her. Reading the stories of her cases, the latter seems more likely.

Life will change as the series goes on and Black will be forced to change with it but with each problem comes a chance for improvement and Black is, if nothing else, one persistent survivor.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2020

1 Kill Order Kill Order
Written by Jack McSporran
Copyright: 2017

Thinking the protection detail for the Mayor of London was going to be an easy job was a mistake for Maggie Black when the assassin not only kills the politician, he hangs the blame squarely on Black. Now she is hunted and the only one she can rely on is herself.
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2 Hit List Hit List
Written by Jack McSporran
Copyright: 2019

Since she was no longer 'in the game' Maggie Black might not have cared when her previous employer get hacked by a crime syndicate. Then the criminals start revealing the names of agents, current and old, one at a time and will continue doing so until their boss is freed. Black becomes interested enough to do something because some of her friends are on the list. And so is she.
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3 Payback Payback
Written by Jack McSporran
Copyright: 2020

Planning on starting her own espionage agency, Maggie Black is happy with her new career and her personal life with her love, Leon. Then an old colleague-turned-enemy comes out of the past to strike back at her and make Black pay. Black in turn go stalking for revenge.
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

These novellas are released under the series title of Maggie Black Case Files

1 Vendetta Vendetta
Written by Jack McSporran
Copyright: 2017

Maggie Black is given the assignment to help stop a major drug deal between the Venetian mafia and a major UK importer. To pull it off, she has to assume the role of a drug lord just in from America.
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2 The Witness The Witness
Written by Jack McSporran
Copyright: 2018

The job for Maggie Black this time is to head to the States to retrieve the only witness to a foreign dignitary's murder. Then Black learns that witness is a 12-year-old girl now being held in the Russian consulate.
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3 The Defector The Defector
Written by Jack McSporran
Copyright: 2018

When terrorists strike in London, Maggie Black is put on the case of finding and stopping them from hitting again. This is made harder because Black is having to deal with personal grief over a recent loss and time is just not there to do both.
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Whether she is an operative for the Unit or one working for herself, Maggie Black proves over and over that she is darn good at her line of work. Which is good for her, bad for her opponents, and great for us readers.

I like Maggie and think she should not only get more adventures (both full-length and the shorter Case Files), she should be given a chance to shine on the screen. With more action books being made into television series with each book taking a full season, turning any of these into such a series is a no-brainer.


My Grade: A-


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