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Full Name: Ed Maddux
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. J. Patterson
Time Span: 2017 - 2018


Ed Maddux is an agent with the CIA.

The time period for Maddux's activities is the mid-1960's, the height of the Cold War and time of considerable escalation of tensions both in Indochina and in Europe. Major influx of troops to Vietnam are just starting in the former and in the latter the thoughts of a chance of loosening of the control of the Soviet Union on the Warsaw Pact countries is about to be destroyed. This means that the CIA is a very busy organization and has its hands in all sorts of pots.

Maddux when we first meet him has interest in none of that. In fact he has interest in not much of anything except his recreational love of rowing, something he picked up in college and which he still uses to exercise and something to do.

A graduate of Columbia University, Maddux is working at General Motors earning a modest salary. Despite what many would consider professional success, Maddux has grown bored of the mundane and is frequently looking for a way to "escape the doldrums of life". Plus his romantic life is non-existent. Recently divorced, his ex-wife is named Elizabeth, Maddux is "determined to never put himself in a position that could lead to heartache - his or someone else's. He'd been successful in maintaining his resolution, though he recognized that his avoidance of women was a major factor in doing so."

So this boredom would make him susceptible to taking an honor of a meeting with a CIA recruiter but it would not be enough to push him to take an assignment. That extra shove will come from the possible chance to solve a mystery that has bothered Maddux for some time.

Some time back, Maddux's father disappeared. What caused the vanishing has been in his mind since it happened. It was easy to feel that the man had died somewhere. But then the Agency recruiter, who from his manner of speech made it seem like he knew the father, made the statement at the end of the interview dinner that should Maddux decide to help on the matter at hand, "I know it'd make your father proud if you agreed." Not "would have made" but "would make". Present tense.

And so the nudge that gets Maddux to agree to help - just once. But it will not be just once and Maddux will have a new career.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 King of Queens King of Queens
Written by R. J. Patterson
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1964. CIA agent Charles Pritchett enlists Ed Maddux to help in an investigation of a local city councilman who is suspected of treasonous behavior. Maddux is doubtful at first but the closer he looks, the more worried he becomes.
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2 To Catch A Spy To Catch A Spy
Written by R. J. Patterson
Copyright: 2017

It is the Fall of 1964. Prague has fallen to the Soviet invasion to stop the uprising. A former Nazi scientist, Otto Voss, is willing to work for the East Germans and Russians and afraid of the Americans. New CIA agent Ed Maddux is given the difficult task of convincing him and his family to defect to the U.S. Maddux is also interested in learning what Voss knows about Maddux's father's disappearance.
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3 Whispers Of Treason Whispers Of Treason
Written by R. J. Patterson
Copyright: 2018

It is the Fall of 1965. The KGB has picked the city of Belgrade to be the center for its group of highly trained assassins and shortly thereafter, CIA agents begin to disappear. CIA German station chief Pritchett picks Ed Maddux to learn all he can about the lead assassin, Medved, the killer who is said to be targeting Pritchett.
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4 Shadow Of Lies Shadow Of Lies
Written by R. J. Patterson
Copyright: 2018

It is the Fall of 1965. Ed Maddux was sent into East Berlin to find and bring back a scientist who wants to defect. When things go badly, Maddux ends up a guest of the Stasi. To save him, the CIA technical services director, Rose Fuller, comes up with a plan that relies on an unreliable asset.
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5 The Man From Leningrad The Man From Leningrad
Written by R. J. Patterson
Copyright: 2018

It is the Spring of 1966. The CIA has in Leningrad a highly valuable asset who has regularly provided excellent material but now has gone eerily quiet. Ed Maddux is sent from Bonn to Leningrad to learn what has the man spooked. When Maddux hears of an upcoming plot to use a nuclear sub off the East Coast, he is spooked as well.
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Oh, can this man write! I have enjoyed the daylights out of his Brady Hawk and Titus Black tales for years so I knew going into this new series that I was going to enjoy it. With him penning them, how could I not?

To make them a bit different from the other two series (my supposition) or maybe just for a change of direction, the author has placed these adventures back in the 60s, a truly terrific period of change just perfect for a set of action thrillers. Lots of territory for the operative to work with fires to be put out all over the world.


My Grade: A-


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