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Full Name: Alisha MacAleer
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. E. Murphy
Time Span: 2005 - 2006


Alisha MacAleer is an agent with the CIA.

MacAleer had been vacationing in a village along the Red Sea, there for the scuba diving, which is how she met the American who had a peculiar small device that "look suspiciously like a wrapped condom" but was actually an underwater breathing device. After using it for a couple of hours, she was determined to have one and asked "where on earth she could get for herself" to which the man had said "Langley" while "watching Alisha with careful, honest consideration."

When we first meet her she has been a field agent with the CIA for just over a decade, having been enticed on that day at the beach by Gregory Parker who would become her CIA handler. She had a good number of successful missions to her credit and was considered an excellent operative by a very picky employer.

MacAleer is seemingly haunted by a previous relationship, one in which she almost made the very handsome, very exciting Frank Reichart, a freelance agent who "came through with often brilliant intel, well worth the prices he was paid. But he would work for anyone, as long as they met his price". She described him as "dark-haired, dark-eyed, dangerous" and admits to herself that she once fell hard for the man and almost married him. That proved to be a mistake both personally and professionally.

She will also have an interesting relationship with a computer genius named Brandon Parker who will cause her no end of troubles but who will seem to become as much as a part of her life as he is his father's. As the prodigy son of her handler, Brandon will be a foil and a nemesis and then need to come asking for her help. Like I said, an interesting relationship.

Great Line:
- A terrific opening line in the series: "The problem with being a spy was that when it was as breathlessly exciting as the movies made it look, something had gone horribly wrong."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2006

The original versions from 2005-2006 were reedited by the author and re-released in 2019-2020.

1 The Cardinal Rule The Cardinal Rule
Written by C. E. Murphy
Copyright: 2005

Brandon Parker is the estranged son of Alisha MacAleer's CIA handler. He is an expert with AI and was asked by the mysterious group Sicarii to create a computer that could help them rule as they deemed their right. He succeeded well enough to make it very difficult for MacAleer to combat battle drones the system devised.
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2 The Firebird Deception The Firebird Deception
Written by C. E. Murphy
Copyright: 2005

When another of Alisha MacAleer's missions goes wrong thanks to her mercenary ex-boyfriend, she has lost the confidence of the CIA. Worse yet, her former opponent, computer expert Brandon Parker is back with a new generation of his AI machines. To accomplish her next mission means ignoring both of them, something she just cannot do.
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3 The Phoenix Law The Phoenix Law
Written by C. E. Murphy
Copyright: 2006

Having left the business for a normal life, Alisha MacAleer is stunned to open her front door to find Brandon Parker, her nemesis, standing there needing his help. His latest creation is so revolutionary that every intelligence organization in the world wants it and would not mind killing him to get it. Though she is reluctant to help, she decides to do so but that may mean asking for help herself from her ex-boyfriend, the man who shot her not too long ago.
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That opening line mentioned above seems to be proven several times over in this very, very enjoyable action spy thriller. Alisha MacAleer really is a good agent but, boy!, do things happen to her. A lot!

Now, as an operative I am sure she would want things a bit calmer, although as an adventure junkie, maybe not that much calmer.

As an adventure reader, I have no such wishes for poor MacAleer. The more hassles you get into and have to find a way out, the better for my enjoyment. And considering how may there are in this trilogy, I must be having one very enjoyable time.


My Grade: B+


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