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Full Name: Sam Rollins
Nationality: American
Organization: Black Force
Occupation Agent

Creator: Matt Rogers
Time Span: 2018 - 2018


Sam Rollins is an agent with Black Force.

As explained in a similar write-ups for fellow agents Jason King and Will Slater, Black Force is an unofficial American military operation, conceived and created by upper echelon officers, "top of the food chain" as King refers them, to take on the missions that they felt needed to be done but which few in their right mind would attempt and certainly none would admit to. As a completely off-book organization but financed through funneling from legitimate projects, it sent its men all over the world to handle "things that never would have ordinarily been sanctioned". The man in charge of this "group that didn't exist" is Lars Crawford and it was Crawford who personally vetted and selected the members of the group, pulling each man from the various Special Forces organizations in the U.S. military.

Each of these agents are considered solo acts, sent in alone to handle a mission and fully prepared to suffer the consequences if something goes pear-shaped. The isolationism is probably a good thing because for the most part, these operatives do not really play well with others, which, come to think of it, might have been one of the original reasons for the 'one mission - one man' directive.

"Black Force had never been advertised as an easy gig. In fact, it had never been advertised at all. The job had no official protocol and no rigid instructions".

Rollins is 28 years old when we first meet him. He has been on the job with Black Force for just four months and is on his second mission. His first was, in his opinion, a cookie cutter assignment freeing a hostage in Chicago where normal means were not available so Black Force and Rollins got the call.

Our meeting takes place while he is paying for having been caught on his second job, a mission to Peru which will find him in a prison in the Andes Mountains. He gets freed by King and learns a bit a humility (well, the time in his cell helped there) and he also learned that the primary aptitude that Black Force uses for selecting its operatives, beside being able and willing to do the job, is quickness. Being just a tad faster than anyone else, including reacting faster, makes all the difference. Rollins is pretty fast.

Good Line:
- While in a Peruvian prison, Rollins is accosted by an angry guard: "The giant guard spat something in Spanish and jabbed the barrel of the Kalashnikov through the steel bars to try and intimidate [Rollins]. He might as well have handed it to Rollins on a silver platter."


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Tribe The Tribe
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

Black Force Shorts #1
Operative Sam Rollins is in a prison in the Andes of Peru. He had failed at his mission to learn more about an Ashaninca tribe and now he was stuck in a prison for the rest of his life because his organization can and will do nothing to help him. It was a risk of the job. Then Jason King shows up and tells him he needs to finish his assignment.
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2 The Coast The Coast
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

Black Force Shorts #5
Operative Sam Rollins was hoping to retire to the Italian coastal town of Vernazza and forget about the horrors in his previous mission. Unfortunately, a gang of crack addicts decide he would make a great extortion target and much trouble follows. They are about to learn who not to annoy.
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3 The Joker The Joker
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

Black Force Shorts #9
Life is turning out alright for Sam Rollins. He is enjoying it in a fancy penthouse in Calabasas while honing his already honed body to the peak of efficiency. Then someone sneaks into his apartment while he slept (no mean feat) and leaves a note threatening him with exposing his violent past.
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I mean this as a compliment, handed to the author by a man who loves action-adventure novels with a special glee: Subtlety is not in the dictionary for any of the operatives that work for Black Force. To put in parlance heard where I live, 'there ain't none of them what knows what the word means'.

Of course, I would not want it any other way. Somebody in Sam Rollins' way, he will step around. One time. Stay in his lane, though, and you are going to get the kind of trouble you so definitely are seeking. I love it!

I don't think the author is likely to come up with more Black Force novellas like the ones here and that is a shame. It is the best format for them - quick and fast and then done with so move on.


My Grade: B


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