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Full Name: Ruby Nazatian
Series Name: Lynx
Nationality: American
Organization: Lynx
Occupation Agent

Creator: Matt Rogers
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


Ruby Nazarian is an agent with Lynx.

Lynx is "an off-the-books government initiative founded on one principle: nothing disarms like a beautiful woman." This pretty solid basis would not be argued by many, certainly not by me, but the method that Lynx goes about vetting, "recruiting", and then training the women who operate as the agents for the group is quite disturbing. It makes use of "young girls from bad homes, raised to be ruthless, to infiltrate and assess and execute both orders and targets". It is the brainchild of Russell William, a long-term employee of the U.S. government who not only conceived of it but remained its Director, and chief "talent scout".

We learn of this organization through the words of Ruby Nazarian who tells a black-ops agent from another department, Will Slater, that "It's one of the most powerful programs in the United States government. I've been told that many times. I'm their best agent." How it got its name is not stated per se although Nazarian does imply it with "you ever seen a lynx? They're stunning. Flawless. Beautiful and graceful and feminine. And then they snap, and their prey doesn't even know what ... hit them until it's far, far too late."

Nazarian has been in the program since she was 12, and therein lies the disturbing part. She had had a run-in with her father and had stormed out of the house vowing to herself never to return. Of course that was just temper and not real intent but nearby, literally stalking her, was William who took an angry Nazarian to a new 'life'. "They'd taken an ordinary twelve year old and broken her down so completely that nothing but a skeleton framework remained. Then they'd built unshakable foundations, and developed her talents until the relatively normal childhood prior to the Lynx program was like a phantom memory, something surreal and incomplete".

"She was blessed with good genes, but the rest - particularly the body - came from intense fixation on her craft. With her physique she'd be indistinguishable in a line-up of pencil-armed, wide-hipped Victoria's Secret models, but her body was deliberately deceptive. Every ounce of muscle on her frame had been forged in fire, carefully constructed to give her the look of a swimsuit model with triple the strength. Anyone with a keen eye for detail might see the callouses on her hands, or the sinew shifting below the surface. But through a combination of posture training and expertly-applied concealer makeup, she'd perfected the art of masking her danger."

Further, "Her glowing amber eyes, rimmed by thick long lashes and tastefully applied mascara, would seduce anyone she damn well wanted to. Add in the bronzed skin, the straight brown hair framing her perfect face, the striking jawline, the lithe body, the permanently seductive half-smile that always played at the corners of her lips - she was a bombshell."

She would admit to Slater that "We go places no-one is allowed. We hear things no-one is supposed to hear. We look good and act drunk and act high and act oblivious. And then Command dissects what we overheard and we make the move. I've only been operational for three years and I've lost count of the human filth I've killed."


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Lynx Lynx
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2018

Book #4 in the Will Slater series. When he rescued the girl in Macau a few months before, Will Slater had entrusted her with an old colleague. Now he gets rumors that man was involved in the Lynx program, designed to turn young girls into killers. Slater will not tolerate that. Ruby Nazarian was the Lynx agent who lets Slater in on the organization and who travels with him.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Blood Money Blood Money
Written by Matt Rogers
Copyright: 2019

20-year-old Ruby Nazarian is part of the Lynx program. Her mission is to find a way into the entourage that surrounds real estate tycoon Aaron Wayne and learn more about the source of his wealth. She may have gotten onto his fancy yacht but she also has a lot of people very suspicious of her.
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The author created two long running series based on former operatives of the Black Force group and then three smaller series of other operatives. Ruby Nazarian is one of those smaller ones and though the author is undoubtedly busy continuing the adventures of the two main characters, now working together, I hope he takes the time to return to Nazarian. I really liked her and I enjoyed the back story he gave her, disturbing though it was.

More importantly, and the sign of a good series, I wonder - well, what happened next?


My Grade: B+


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