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Full Name: Max 'Prince' Shaw
Nationality: Australian
Organization: AIS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Xavier Wallace
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


First Look:
       Max 'Prince' Shaw is an agent with the AIS.
       That stands for the Australian Intelligence Service and is one of that government's agencies responsible for keep the country safe from terrorists and other threats. It is run by General Patrick 'Hulk' Scott.
       In the first recorded adventure we meet Shaw after he has been an agent for some time and in that interim he has risen to become their best, most effecient operative. In the second adventure we learn how Shaw was recruited for the AIS and can follow him through his training and indoctrination into the cloak and dagger world.
       Shaw proves on several occasions that he can be as ruthless and thorough as he needs to be in the performance of his job though this will fly against his desire to live a normal life as a gay man.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021

1 Shaw Vengeance Shaw Vengeance
Written by Xavier Wallace
Copyright: 2019

"Max has become the go-to agent at the AIS - the last line of defense in saving the country from terror. Max is put on a collision course with is past as he fights to stop a sinister plot with the potential to break the national security apparatus, while forever scarring the Australian psyche through death and destruction. A hugely personal story is revealed as we learn of Max's terrible loss and his battle to seek vengeance against those who took everything from him."
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2 Shaw Initiation Shaw Initiation
Written by Xavier Wallace
Copyright: 2020

A prequel - "When General Patrick 'Hulk' Scott, head of the AIS recruits the young and promising Max Shaw, he knows the man's talents are unusual and desirable. But as Max goes through training and orientation and learns what becoming an intelligence agent is all about, Hulk and his cohorts start to see Shaw has something truly rare: an instinct for what to do and when to do it, and a speed and ruthlessness that makes him one of the most dangerous young agents the Service has ever seen.
Almost before training is even over, Max "Prince" Shaw is pushed into active duty. There is an unholy trinity, conspiring for their own reasons, to bring down the fall of humanity. Max is relentless in his pursuit of the people responsible for the wave of terror, while questioning the actions he must take to succeed, including lying to the man he loves.
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3 Shaw Confrontation Shaw Confrontation
Written by Xavier Wallace
Copyright: 2021

"Agent Max ‘Prince' Shaw is finally taking some time off with his new partner Sam after months of hunting down the terrorists responsible for a catastrophic attack on Australian soil. But his well-earned break is cut short when he receives news of a sinister threat seeking to bring about a new world order. Max and his team are sent on a wild ride across Europe, exchanging roles as both hunter and hunted as they try to outwit the terrorist organization which is pulling the strings of global disorder."
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4 Shaw Intervention Shaw Intervention
Written by Xavier Wallace
Copyright: 2021

"Agent Max Shaw, AKA Prince, went rogue nine years ago and has been on the run ever since. One by one he has been picking off the remaining players in The Sixteen. But it now seems that he has gone too far, and his morals and ethics have gone out the window as innocent bystanders get in the way. Or has he?"
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