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Full Name: Brice Bannon
Series Name: Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventure
Nationality: American
Organization: Homeland Security
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Delee
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


Brice Bannon is an agent with Homeland Security.

He is also the owner of a bar along the dockside.

Most of the pertinent intelligence on this man was provided in the promotional blurb for his first adventure:

"Brice Bannon served fifteen years in the Coast Guard, most recently as captain of the Deployable Operations Group, (DOG), the Coast Guard's version of the Army's Special Forces and Navy's Seals operations. When the command was decommissioned, rather than accept re-assignment, Bannon retired from the full-time Coast Guard.

"But, Bannon didn't leave the Coast Guard behind completely. He remains in the Reserves.

"Recruited by the Secretary of Homeland Security, he leads a small, secretive team of specially-trained, highly-skilled operatives capable of responding to and investigating specific, targeted threats against the homeland. Threats that cannot be effectively handled by standard operating means. Threats that call for a unique and often secret approach outside the normal channels of either Homeland Security or the Department of Defense.

"When not risking his life for the government, Bannon runs the Keel Haul, his bar in the resort town of Hampton Beach, on the New Hampshire seacoast. There, he also operates as a small town private investigator and tends to get himself in big trouble along with the help of his two best friends and teammates; Tarakesh "Blades" Sardana and CWO Skyjack McMurphy."

So when we meet Bannon, and his two close colleagues, he is a man who wears four hats: special operative reporting directly to the head of DHS, Coast Guard Reservist, private investigator, and a bar owner. While the stories that are available to use about his activities tend do deal mostly with the first and a bit less with the second, the third and fourth do come into play. Especially when bad people do bad things to his bar. He really likes that bar.

Note: His best buddy McMurphy is a very interesting fellow and a lot of fun to have around. The real star of the show, though, is "Blades". What an amazing woman! Definitely deserving of her own adventure (or three).


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Facing The Storm Facing The Storm
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2018

Collection of 4 separately released novellas:
Any Means Necessary
What Meets The Eye
Blood In The Water
Blue Charlie Foxtrot
buy from Amazon

2 The Oceanic Princess The Oceanic Princess
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2018

The task for Brice Bannon and his team is to recover a dangerous piece of cargo from a ship heading to Boston. When they learn what the item actually is, they know their danger factor has gone up considerably. It goes up even higher when they have to go against an old enemy who wants revenge.
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3 Strike Of The Stingray Strike Of The Stingray
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2018

As Brice Bannon goes up against a madman who is planning a horrific terrorist attack on America, his team is being pulled in other directions. Tara Sardana is out looking to bring in her own brother. McMurphy finds helping a friend adjust to civilian life is not easy.
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4 The Yakuza Gambit The Yakuza Gambit
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2019

Brice Bannon and his team go on an off-books mission to help a woman find her missing son. This will bring them up against a powerful New England crime syndicate.
buy from Amazon

5 Seige At Tiamat Bluff Seige At Tiamat Bluff
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2019

Invited to join the President and the Director of Homeland Security on a tour of an experimental city 1,000 feet below the surface of the ocean off Maine, Brice Bannon is there when terrorists attack and the Chief Executive is taken hostage.
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Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 Any Means Necessary Any Means Necessary
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2016

1st of 4 stories in the collection Facing The Storm - Brice Bannon and team use a ploy to get "rescued" by the cargo ship MV Caleb to find if suspected illegal arms are on board. Their job is to keep those items from reaching America.
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2 What Meets The Eye What Meets The Eye
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2016

2nd of 4 stories in the collection Facing The Storm - A young boy asks Brice Bannon to prove it was his mom's boyfriend who stole cookies from the jar and not him. Bannon takes the simple job for fun but soon learns there is something far more dangerous involved.
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3 Blood In The Water Blood In The Water
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2016

3rd of 4 stories in the collection Facing The Storm - Benton and Abby Walsh have come to the Isle of Shoals to hunt for the treasure of pirate John Quelch. They find people willing to kill for it.
buy from Amazon

4 Blue Charlie Foxtrot Blue Charlie Foxtrot
Written by David Delee
Copyright: 2017

4th of 4 stories in the collection Facing The Storm - When Brice Bannon hears of a comrade's suicide, he is not believing. When he starts to look into it, he finds some dangerous people who would rather he did not.
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I had a blast reading this series. It is fast and furious with enough dark humor between the main characters to be a hoot while never coming close to being a comedy. I really liked the character of Brice Bannon and I hope the author writes more about him. Considering the man has several other series going, though, I have to worry about his having time. And here I am at the end of the About the Series section suggesting he also write some solo adventures about "Blades". The man has to sleep sometime!

Seriously, for a fun, fun read, check out these adventures, both the books and the novellas.


My Grade: A-


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