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Full Name: Harry Lime
Series Name: The Third Man
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Scoundrel

Creator: Graham Greene
Time Span: 1949 - 2017


       Harry Lime is a scoundrel.
       He is a smuggler, a thief, a con man, a blackmailer, and even a killer. He has scruples only until they get in his way. He can be your best friend and confidant and make you feel as though you can and should trust him with everything you hold dear, right up to the moment when you realize he is gone and so are your valuables. He does not like to kill and he will go out of his way to avoid doing so but when it comes to him or someone else leaving this Earth, he never has any hesitation as to his choice.
       He is a lover of beautiful women and connoisseur of drink and food and cigars but he will stay with no particular woman long enough to allow her to have any hold over him and since he has been poor more times than he likes to recall, he understands that it is necessary to be able to do without the excellent spirits and cuisine until such time as his finances will allow them again.
       He is a man of the world, having traveled to virtually every major city on this planet and has people in each that remember his visits fondly or plot ways of getting revenge should he ever return. He also has police forces in many, many countries either actively seeking his arrest or guarding carefully for new infractions he might commit.

       Harry Lime has, apparently, many lives, like a cat.
       We meet him for the first time at the end of one of those lives (since his tale was told 70 years ago, I do not worry about spoilers). The most famous of all his escapades is his final one in which he is living in Vienna shortly after WWII and running a medical charity helping the thousands in horrible conditions. At least he was until he was tragically killed in a car accident.
       That is when we learn that Harry Lime the humanitarian was really Lime the murderer - not by his own hands but by his scheme of watering down penicillin to make a bigger profit, so much so that scores of people have needlessly died, including children. The authorities were closing in on him and capture is all but certain. Lime decides his only escape is to die, so he does.
       But of course, he does not really and that first adventure is all about a friend of his learning about the duplicity and eventually helping to bring about the real final end of Harry Lime.

       But then we have a large assortment of exquisite and fascinating tales that Harry Lime recounts to us of his exploits in the many years leading up to his end. He lets us know at the beginning of most of these that he will finally pay for his sins but in the meantime, here is an interesting story or two to entertain us.
       The Harry Lime we learn of in these several dozen adventures is a scoundrel like mentioned above but it is hard to see in this Lime the man that would do such a despicable act as messing with medications. These stories give us a scoundrel, yes, but he is a delightful one and it is hard to not root for the man even knowing he is about to do naughty things.

       And then we have many, many stories about a Harry Lime who, oddly enough, did not die in the sewers of Vienna, shot by his old friend while being pursued by the authorities.
       This Lime is a reformed scoundrel, a man that has given up the life of a criminal for a very successful one as an import/exporter doing business all over the world. He is sharp, intelligent, experienced, canny, and determined. He has a fair number of enemies from the days of old but he also has scores of friends who will help him when needed.
       This Harry Lime is as much fun to follow as the knave from the earlier set of adventures but for different reasons. This Lime we root for not because he is wonderfully bad but because he is the good guy and deserves our admiration.

       So which is the real Harry Lime? Sort of depends on which book or movie or radio broadcast or television episode you are watching. Each of these incarnations of Lime is a good one, albeit quite different than the others.

       And as for who or what The Third Man is, well, there is a fair amount of speculation about that but the truth is, no one knows. My favorite theory, and there are several out there, is that in the report of the initial death of Lime from the car accident, it was said there were two men seen carrying "Lime's" body away and there was an unidentified Third Man with them. Might that Third Man have been Lime?


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1950
Last Appearance:1952

       An interesting tidbit that I have read by Charles Drazin in The Criterion Collection which sounds totally plausible so I am repeating it here is that the author, Graham Greene, had been hired to come up with an original idea for a suspense movie taking place in either Vienna or Rome.
       Greene had experience drafting screenplays from previous works but doing so out of whole cloth proved to be daunting. As a result, after he had come up with the idea for the movie, he sat down and wrote the story out as a novella which he was then able to turn into a screenplay. He had not planned to do anything with the novella but plans change and so roughly the same time the movie was coming out, so was his novella in The American Magazine.
       A good number of differences exist between the novella, which was Greene's original idea, and the finished product, which had been tweaked over and over by the director and the producers. The first name of the main character, Martins, moved from Rollo to Holly. The importance of the lover of Harry Lime, Anna, would be increased in the film. The ending relationship between Martins and Anna would be altered tremendously from their leaving together to their going their separate way.

1 The Third Man The Third Man
Written by Graham Greene
Copyright: 1950

Book form of the same novella (some call it a short novel) published earlier in The American Magazine, March 1949. Rollo Martins is a hack writer of paperback Westerns who is offered a job by his old friend Harry Lime. The job is in Vienna working for a charity. When Martins arrives in Austria, he learns Lime has been killed in a street accident but as Martins looks into it, he finds that Lime was considered a horrible racketeer.
Note: has been published alone and with another novella, The Fallen Idol.

2 The Lives of Harry Lime The Lives of Harry Lime
Written by Orson Welles
Copyright: 1952

Collection of novelizations of 15 of the 52 radio episodes in the program of the same name, The Lives of Harry Lime. The collection's author is attributed to Orson Welles who is said to have written many of the episodes though who wrote the novelizations is not known and likely not Welles.
The stories are:
It's in the Bag
The Golden Fleece
Art is Long and Lime is Fleeting
Love Affair
See Naples and Live
Every Frame Has a Silver Lining
Paris is Not the Same
Five Thousand Pengoes and a Kiss
The Hand of Glory
The Hyacinth Patrol
Work of Art
Rogue's Holiday
A Ticket to Tangier
An Old Moorish Custom


Number of Stories:15
First Appearance:1952
Last Appearance:1952

1 It's in the Bag It's in the Bag
Written by Orson Welles
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 30 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Traveling on the Orient Express heading to Belgrade, Harry Lime is becoming more and more annoyed with his compartment mate, Stathacopoulos, but not so much as to do anything about him until he can relieve the Greek of the man's $10k in black market proceeds.

2 The Golden Fleece The Golden Fleece
Written by Orson Welles
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 11 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Though he has little boating experience, Harry Lime takes the job of captaining a yacht from Spain to Hong Kong because the lovely Nadya asked him to. She is the widow of Hans who was a captain in the Nazi navy. They have been conveying a goodly amount in gold bars to her father, General Wai, which naturally sparks Lime's interest.

3 Art is Long and Lime is Fleeting Art is Long and Lime is Fleeting
Written by Sigmund Miller
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 15 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Passing himself off as a dealer in rare art, Harry Lime buys a painting for a small amount convinced he can sell it as a Renoir for a far greater amount. His plan is interrupted by the arrival of Paul Bazin, a man Lime had conned in the past.

4 Love Affair Love Affair
Written by Sigmund Miller
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 7 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Harry Lime is in an oil town in Saudi Arabia where he was representing people wanting oil concessions from the ruler. Several others do not want him to success so he has to be extra clever.

5 See Naples and Live See Naples and Live
Written by Sigmund Miller
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 2 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
An American woman named Mrs. Donaldson is visiting Naples with her female companion as well as a lovely emerald necklace Harry Lime is interested in alleviating her of.

6 Every Frame Has a Silver Lining Every Frame Has a Silver Lining
Written by Robert Cenedella
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 13 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Though Harry Lime has claimed strongly that he does not deal in drugs, in this adventure he is in Tehran and comes into contact with a man named Pappas who has $50k in opium which Lime gets his hands on. Putting it into the frame of a picture, Lime convinces an American family to take it back to the States.

7 Paris is Not the Same Paris is Not the Same
Written by Joseph Cochran
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 49 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
In a scheme very close to the one that will eventually get Harry Lime killed, Lime connects with the butler of a perfume maker and together they plan to steal a truck shipment of the product, dilute it, and sell it to American soldiers to send home to their girlfriends.

8 Five Thousand Pengoes and a Kiss Five Thousand Pengoes and a Kiss

Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 26 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Possibly shortly after WWII, Harry Lime is in Budapest when he meets Helene, a woman in show business who wants to leave the country but cannot get her exit papers because the government hopes her fugitive husband will show up and get arrested. Lime offers to help her, for a price, of course.

9 The Hand of Glory The Hand of Glory

Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 24 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Needing to get out of Paris, Harry Lime is on a boat where he meets Helen who is heading to a small town that Lime thinks will be a good place to lie low. He takes a room with an older couple who turn out to be would-be alchemists in need of someone to sacrifice to gain greater knowledge.

10 The Hyacinth Patrol The Hyacinth Patrol

Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 31 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
In a bar in Cristobal along the Panama Canal, Harry Lime becomes involved in a rivalry between two men, Dolan and Nugent. Dolan is in love with Nugent's girl. He talks Lime into helping prove Nugent is a traitor to America so Dolan can have a chance with the girl.

11 Horseplay Horseplay

Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 17 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Once again in Paris, Harry Lime is working with a man named Andre on a con. It involves dropping a wallet near the mark which contains info on horse racing. The mark is led to believe Lime is involved in fixing horse races and wants in on it.

12 Work of Art Work of Art
Written by Bud Lesser
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 9 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
In Buenos Aires in 1944, Harry Lime is asked by a black market art dealer to get the attention of a woman who runs an exclusive art gallery. She has a Reubens that the man wants Lime to help get for him.

13 Rogue's Holiday Rogue's Holiday

Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 8 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Having conned a few Wall Street investors out of a nice bundle, Harry Lime is taking a cruise. There he meets Anne who claims to be a princess recently fleeing her Eastern European principality. She has in her possession a pearl necklace Harry would like to own. Things to do not go well.

14 A Ticket to Tangier A Ticket to Tangier
Written by Orson Welles
Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 4 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
Broke in Paris, Harry Lime sees an advertisement in the newspaper inviting him to Tangier. The flight there, paid for by a mysterious benefactor, had Lime meet an air hostess named Patsy. She, it turns out, is was that patron and she had a shipment of heroin she needs his help selling. He does not like dope and he does not like her but he does like money.

15 An Old Moorish Custom An Old Moorish Custom

Copyright: 1952

Published in the collection The Lives of Harry Lime - novelization of episode 20 of the radio program of the same name as the collection.
In Algiers, Harry Lime is interested in Valarie while waiting for a chance to con some money from a Bedouin gangster. The lady is a descendant of a Berber pirate and might know the location of a buried treasure.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1949
Last Appearance:1955

1 The Third Man The Third Man
Director: Carol Reed
Writer: Graham Green
Actors: Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins, Orson Welles as Harry Lime, Alida Valli as Anna Schmidt, Trevor Howard as Major Calloway, Bernard Lee as Sgt. Paine
Released: 1949

Holly Martins is a pulp Western writer in need of a job. He gets an offer for one in Vienna from his old friend Harry Lime. Arriving there he learns that Lime was killed in a street accident. Not trusting the official story, he decides to investigate the death himself.

2 Confidential Report Confidential Report
Also known as Mr. Arkadin
Director: Orson Welles
Writer: Orson Welles
Actors: Orson Welles as Gregory Arkadin, Michael Redgrave as Burgomil Trebitsch, Patricia Medina as Mily
Released: 1955

This is NOT about Harry Lime. Rather, it is about an American adventurer who is asked to look into the past of a secretive tycoon named Gregory Arkadin. Looking too deeply into this man's past is a very dangerous activity.
It was taken from a script Orson Welles wrote for the Man of Mystery radio episode where Lime was the man doing the looking.


Number of Episodes:77
First Appearance:1959
Last Appearance:1965

Michael RennieHarry Lime [ 1-4 ]
Jonathan HarrisBradford Webster [ 1-4 ]

Note: the air dates and the order shown for the episodes are based on the initial airings. Sometimes this would be in the U.K. but other times it is in U.S.
1 Confessions of an Honest Man
Episode 1-01, first aired 01/23/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Merwin Gerard

Harry Lime is in Monte Carlo to help break up a smuggling ring.

2 A Question of Price
Episode 1-02, first aired 01/29/1959
Director: David Orrick McDearmon
Writer: Harry Brown

A 16th century jewel case heading to Harry Lime is stolen at gunpoint. Lime is pretty sure the culprit is a Greek shipping magnate who has a grudge against him.

3 Hollywood Incident
Episode 1-03, first aired 02/04/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Richard Berg

Harry Lime is curious why a movie producer will not buy a piece of art from him at a great price but will pay a lot for garbage art. Blackmail is involved concerning the producer's wartime activities.

4 Death of an Overlord
Episode 1-04, first aired 02/10/1959
Director: David Orrick McDearmon
Writer: David Swift

Helping the widow of a recently dispatched crime boss in Los Angeles will prove to Harry Lime a good way to get himself killed.

5 Sparks from a Dead Fire
Episode 1-05, first aired 02/16/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Robert Libott

Harry Lime goes on a search in New York for a man who was a legend during the War while serving in Prague. There is trouble already brewing when Lime finally locates him.

6 Trouble at Drill Hill
Episode 1-06, first aired 02/20/1959
Director: David Orrick McDearmon
Writer: David Swift

Learning that there is trouble at an oilfield he owns in the States, Harry Lime heads there only to discover that he will get no help from the local authorities.

7 The Man Who Died Twice
Episode 1-07, first aired 02/26/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: A.J. Carothers

Checking into his hotel room in San Francisco, Harry Lime discovers a newly deceased man lying on his bed in the room - a man who had been deposed as president of a South American country and executed two years before.

8 The Angry Young Man
Episode 1-08, first aired 03/04/1959
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Richard Berg
Guest Stars: Roger Moore as Jimmy Simms, Hazel Courtq as Lady Simms, Jean Marsh as Helene

When an old friend of Harry Lime, a shipping magnate Sir Basil Simms, does not show up for an important meeting, Lime goes to investigate. He finds Simms dead of a possible suicide. Lime is certain murder was the cause.

9 Dark Island
Episode 1-09, first aired 03/10/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Ed Adamson

On a Middle East island Harry Lime learns that a general is planning on a coup. While the man offers Lime a chance to be a part of the new government, Lime decides the man needs to be stopped.

10 The Girl Who Didn't Know
Episode 1-10, first aired 03/16/1959
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Iain MacCormick

Harry Lime is curious why a man about to leave prison is so interested in the status of some forged printing plates. Then he becomes ever more interested when he learns others are looking as well.

11 The Third Medallion
Episode 1-11, first aired 03/20/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Milton S. Gelman
Guest Stars: Werner Klemperer as Holz Donner, Nehemiah Persolff as Sandor Varnezki

During WWII a French freighter hauling a good amount of gold was sunk. Only one man survived and now he has gone missing as others start looking for the treasure.

12 Castle in Spain
Episode 1-12, first aired 03/26/1959
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Stanton Whitmore

Acquiring a castle in Spain he does not want, Harry Lime travels to Vienna to meet with a prospective buyer. There he meets an old acquaintance he would rather not have.

13 The Indispensable Man
Episode 1-13, first aired 04/01/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Jack Laird

Needing a signature on an important document, Harry Lime heads to Paris but trying to locate the man proves quite difficult.

14 A Man Takes a Trip
Episode 1-14, first aired 04/04/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Jameson Brewer

Harry Lime is asked by a gangster to help keep a Presidential hopeful from being murdered.

15 Listen for the Sound of a Witch
Episode 1-15, first aired 04/08/1959
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Hagar Wilde

Harry Lime is hired in New York to deliver a $5m check to a castle in Spain. When Lime gets there, he learns there is no castle. When his cable to the man is discovered by the townsfolk, suddenly there is a castle.

16 A Pocketful of Sin
Episode 1-16, first aired 04/20/1959
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Laszlo Gorog

A former Nazi chemist is murdered and his formula for rocket fuel is taken. It is going to be sold to a government anti to the West and Harry Lime calls upon an old pickpocket friend to help mess up the deal.

17 How to Buy a Country
Episode 1-17, first aired 04/24/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Robert Libott

Bradford Webster recounts his first meeting with Harry Lime. He was a bank teller who cashed a large check to Lime without the approval of the manager. When the check bounced, he and Lime flew to Zurich to fix things, which involved buying and then selling a small country to get the funds needed to keep Webster out of jail.
Good Line: Spring comes early for some, never for others.

18 As the Twig is Bent
Episode 1-18, first aired 04/30/1959
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: David Chandler

Years ago back before he went legit, Harry Lime had stolen a painting. Now he has been enticed to switch it back for the forgery. Unfortunately, there are numerous people who want it instead.

19 Broken Strings
Episode 1-19, first aired 05/06/1959
Director: Paul Stanley
Writers: Richard Collins, Milton S. Gelman

When a famous violin is stolen after a concert in Paris, Harry Lime becomes involved in order to return the instrument to its rightful owner.

20 Five Hours to Kill
Episode 1-20, first aired 05/12/1959
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Oliver Crawford

While Harry Lime is forced to carry out an important and possibly impossible mission while in the Middle East, his friend and bookkeeper, Bradford, must wait in a hotel room to learn if both he and Lime will live.

21 One Kind Word
Episode 1-21, first aired 09/03/1959
Director: Cliff Owen
Writer: Iain MacCormick

When Harry Limes stops a woman from committing suicide, he is recognized by British Intelligence as a former black-marketeer from Vienna and is asked to help capture another smuggler who is using children to explode land mines.

22 The Best Policy
Episode 1-22, first aired 09/07/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: John Player

Harry Lime has occasion to recall his former life in crime due to a chance meeting at an airport.

23 Three Dancing Turtles
Episode 1-23, first aired 09/09/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: John Kruse

A mysterious note slid under his door asks Harry Lime to go to an address. There the people meeting him have no clue as to who he is or why he was invited. Returning back to his hotel room, Lime learns there is now a hit out on him.

24 An Offering of Pearls
Episode 1-24, first aired 09/17/1959
Director: Cliff Owen
Writer: Margot Bennett

It is common to sell fake jewels as the real thing and charge less. When Harry Lime is offered the real thing at a cheap price, he knows there is a scam underway.

25 The Importance of Being Harry Lime
Episode 1-25, first aired 09/24/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: Iain MacCormick

Harry Lime is insisting he is heading to Tangier on holiday. No one believes him, not even his colleague Bradford. And even Lime finds it difficult to stay out of trouble.

26 Barcelona Passage
Episode 1-26, first aired 10/01/1959
Director: Cliff Owen
Writer: Gilbert Winfield

When Harry Lime and Bradford join an ocean cruise liner part way through through, they do not know that on board is a bank robber on the lam and a lot of gold.

27 A Collector's Item
Episode 1-27, first aired 10/07/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: John Player

Lord Basset wants to leave his fortune to his heirs and not the government so he places it in four wine bottles.

28 Dinner in Paris
Episode 1-28, first aired 10/13/1959
Director: Anthony Bushell
Writer: Iain MacCormick

In Paris, Harry Lime is invited to dinner at the home of a famous chef who is also his friend. He is pleased with the food but not the other guests as he quickly comes to realize there is a hidden purpose to the invitation.

29 High Finance
Episode 1-29, first aired 10/21/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: Anthony Steven

There is trouble at a bauxite mine that Harry Lime has a stake in. The mine is in Africa so Lime and Bradford head there to investigate and find a revolution brewing.

30 Toys of the Dead
Episode 1-30, first aired 10/27/1959
Director: Anthony Bushell
Writer: John Kruse

Visiting Ceylon, Harry Lime wants to check the provenance of a 1000+ year old necklace but is intrigued when he is warned not to buy anything else.

31 The Man with Two Left Hands
Episode 1-31, first aired 11/03/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: James Warwick

Someone who Harry Lime has never met and never heard of leaves him 30k pounds. Someone else is not happy about it.

32 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
Episode 1-32, first aired 11/11/1959
Director: Anthony Bushell
Writer: John Player

The daughter of a diplomat approaches Harry Lime in London and asks his help to locate her missing fiance. Doing so puts Lime in the middle of an international mess.

33 A Deal in Oils
Episode 1-33, first aired 11/18/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: Alun Falconer

Harry Lime is asked to be the go-between on a purchase of 6 paintings for $1m. When that kind of money is involved, there is always trouble.

34 The Tenth Symphony
Episode 1-34, first aired 11/23/1959
Director: Anthony Bushell
Writer: Iain MacCormick

When a tenth symphony by Beethoven is discovered, there is a lot of excitement. Harry Lime is suspicious about its authenticity.

35 An Experiment with Money
Episode 1-35, first aired 11/27/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: Margot Bennett

A man that Harry Lime does not know is discovered in his office with a Greek dagger in his back and a Greek banknote stuffed in the telephone.

36 Harry Lime and the King
Episode 1-36, first aired 12/03/1959
Director: Anthony Bushell
Writer: John Graeme

When Harry Lime and Bradford arrive at the airport of a Middle East airport, they are stunned to be arrested for plotting the assassination of the King, the man they were to sign an oil deal with.

37 A Box of Eyes
Episode 1-37, first aired 12/10/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: John Kruse

The deal for a supply of voodoo novelty dolls would normally be too small a deal to interest Harry Lime but the woman involved is very pretty and Lime is curious about the dolls.

38 The Widow Who Wasn't
Episode 1-38, first aired 12/17/1959
Director: Anthony Bushell
Writer: Lindsay Galloway

On for hunt for an art collection stolen during the war, Harry Lime heads to a small fishing village in Ireland where some people are not very welcoming.

39 Death in Small Installments
Episode 1-39, first aired 12/22/1959
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: Rex Rienits

Visiting an old friend in Paris, Harry Lime finds the man still looking into the murder of his son years before. Lime discovers the killer is still close by.

40 A Question of Libel
Episode 2-01, first aired 07/02/1962
Director: Stuart Burge
Writer: John Warwick

The magazine Pride and Country published a flaming article about three people in a small village and they sue for a very large amount of money. Harry Lime, being part owner, finds the only way to avoid paying is to prove the statements.

41 Mischka
Episode 2-02, first aired 07/09/1962
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writers: Tom Gries, Mary C. McCall

Paul Portell created an exquisite new perfume that was certain to hit it big and make a fortune. Then he was murdered. And the formula went missing. Harry Lime is intrigued.

42 The Cross of Candos
Episode 2-03, first aired 07/16/1962
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Ben Perry

When he was young, a man called Plato stole a valuable cross from a church and used the proceeds to start his journey to become quite wealthy. Now that he has grown old, his conscience is bothering him and he asks Harry Lime to track down the cross to return it.

43 Happy Birthday
Episode 2-04, first aired 08/13/1962
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Philip Satzman

Harry Lime buys a couple of valuable stamps as a birthday present for Bradford but from the moment Bradford recognizes the stamps are forgeries, his life becomes endangered.

44 Queen of the Nile
Episode 2-05, first aired 08/20/1962
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Robert Sherman

After agreeing to haul on one of his ships a cargo of silks from Egypt to the U.S. and taking part of the profit as his fee, Harry Lime lands in trouble when it is discovered there is more than silk in the packages.

45 Calculated Risk
Episode 2-06, first aired 03/30/1963
Director: Paul Henreid
Writers: Fred Schiller, Mary C. McCall

When he learns that a deal is failing in Hong Kong due to the activities of criminals, Harry Lime heads there to help sort things out.

46 No Word for Danger
Episode 2-07, first aired 04/06/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Vincent Tilsley

Harry Lime is in the northern part of Canada to bid on uranium-rich land but the owner is more interested in keeping the natives working and living on his land safe.

47 Lord Bradford
Episode 2-08, first aired 04/13/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Anthony Steven

Bradford Webster has inherited the title Lord as well as a huge mansion, albeit in great need of repair. He also has acquired someone who would not like him to live to enjoy it.

48 King's Ransom
Episode 2-09, first aired 04/04/1963
Director: David MacDonald
Writer: Anthony Steven

While helping Jeffrey Ormsby decipher a code leading to the location of a treasure, said to be the ransom for Charles I, Harry Lime is surprised to find Ormsby dead with a knife in him in the man's bookstore.

49 Hamburg Shakedown
Episode 2-10, first aired 04/27/1963
Director: John Newland
Writers: Mary C. McCall, John Kruse

Take a smuggling attempt to bring across the German border a diamond ring stuck inside a packet of butter. Add a very pretty girl looking as innocent as an agent. Toss in a Harry Lime who for once gets surprised.

50 The Unexpected Mr. Lime
Episode 2-11, first aired 05/04/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Peter Yeldham

The authorities in Beirut do not believe that Harry Lime's visit to their city is a coincidence when one of his ships blows up in their harbor.

51 Diamond in the Rough
Episode 2-12, first aired 05/11/1963
Director: Paul Henreid
Writers: William Link, Richard Levinson

Harry Lime wants the best man in the diamond business to do the cutting of a valuable gem but that man has a major problem to deal with that is distracting him.

52 Portrait of Harry
Episode 2-13, first aired 05/18/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: John Player

Harry Lime is not one for showing himself off but in a major change of attitude, he allows a young painter to paint his portrait. His reason is the mystery.

53 Man in Power
Episode 2-14, first aired 05/25/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Robert Leslie Bellem

Arriving in Santo Sanduras to build an inexpensive power plant in that poor country, Harry Lime is surprised to see he is very much not welcome.

54 Meeting of the Board
Episode 2-15, first aired 06/08/1963
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Robert Sherman

Potter Electronics, a company that Harry Lime has a partial interest in, is about to fail because its President is being blackmailed with prison. Lime decides to help Potter out.

55 Hansel and Son
Episode 2-16, first aired 06/15/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writers: Mary C. McCall, Lee Berg

[plot unknown]

56 Act of Atonement
Episode 2-17, first aired 07/13/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Robert Sherman

A man left money in his will to build a memorial hospital but his daughter refuses to go through with it. Harry Lime is curious why her defiance.

57 Ghost Town
Episode 2-18, first aired 07/27/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writers: William Link, Richard Levinson

While visiting a ghost town, Harry Lime is surprised to be shot at from what seems an empty saloon. Someone, not likely a ghost, is not happy with his visit.

58 Gold Napoleons
Episode 2-19, first aired 08/03/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: R. K. Palmer

On behalf of a client, Harry Lime buys an expensive antique. The client in turn insists on paying him back in gold coins. Luckily, Lime is no fool when it comes to gold.

59 Bradford's Dream
Episode 2-10, first aired 08/10/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writers: Anthony Steven, Vincent Tilsley

Bradford has often thought about being the shrewd operator like his boss but in his dream, he still lacks the knack that is Harry Lime.

60 The Way of McEagle
Episode 2-11, first aired 08/17/1963
Director: David MacDonald
Writer: John Player

Harry Lime would like to buy a fine estate in Scotland but a rival clan has decided that under no circumstance will a Sassenach (Outlander) have the land they feel is right.

61 Who Killed Harry Lime?
Episode 2-22, first aired 08/24/1963
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Philip Satzman

Someone put a bomb on a plane intending to remove Harry Lime from this world. The newspaper headline read "Harry Lime Dead". While it was wrong, it was not by much.

62 A Question in Ice
Episode 3-01, first aired 06/27/1964
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: John Warwick

Back in his disreputable days, Harry Lime might have killed a man and buried the body in a glacier. Eighteen years later, the glacier is about to show its contents.

63 I.O.U.
Episode 3-02, first aired 07/04/1964
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Robert Bloonfield

Seeing a bloodstained banknote, Harry Lime is reminded of an old debt he owes to a man. While he would much rather forget he knew or owed the man, a debt is a debt.

64 A Crisis in Crocodiles
Episode 3-03, first aired 08/01/1964
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: John Warwick

Harry Lime is a little surprised to receive an offer to buy his stock in a company - he did not know he owned any in it. His interest is greatly enhanced when he learns the company deals in crocodiles.

65 Judas Goat
Episode 3-04, first aired 08/08/1964
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Robert Sherman

Wanting to know why a major contract was suddenly canceled without explanation, Harry Lime heads to the Far East. There he is accused of being part of a conspiracy to commit a crime, one he has not heard of.

66 A Little Knowledge
Episode 3-05, first aired 08/15/1964
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Raymond Bowers

A note pushed under the hotel room of Harry Lime shortly after he arrives in Madrid asks him to call at a manor outside of the city to learn of an undisclosed problem at one of his companies. He has yet to learn that he is being made the target of a murder attempt.

67 The Day of the Bullfighter
Episode 3-06, first aired 08/22/1964
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Philip Satzman

An ex-bullfighter acquaintance of Harry Lime is certain his recent spate of trouble is due to just bad luck but Lime does not believe in such a thing and wants to know the real reason.

68 Mars in Conjunction
Episode 3-07, first aired 09/05/1964
Director: John Ainsworth
Writers: Phyllis White, Robert White

Though Harry Lime does not believe in astrology, when a supposed expert in it predicts that Lime will be dead within a month, even Lime pays attention and decides to be a bit more cautious.

69 The Big Kill
Episode 3-08, first aired 09/12/1964
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Robert Sherman

When an embezzler with a major hatred for Harry Lime is released from prison. Harry Lime is offered police protection but he declines. Unfortunately for him, the real danger is coming from a different direction.

70 Frame Up
Episode 3-09, first aired 09/26/1964
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Gene Wang

Harry Lime had not invited in the beautiful young woman he found in his hotel room. He definitely did not invite the very angry husband who showed up a bit later. Lime has to use his wits quickly to remain healthy.

71 The Trial of Harry Lime
Episode 4-01, first aired 07/16/1965
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Michael Gilbert

An elderly man named Theodore asks Harry Lime to transport some diamonds to a fellow named Michael. Lime does that and then becomes the prime suspect in the subsequent murder of Theodore.

72 Members Only (1)
Episode 4-02, first aired 07/23/1965
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Unknown

Harry Lime is rather suspicious to be offered membership in a millionaire's club on an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Such wonderful things usually come with a hefty price.

73 Members Only (2)
Episode 4-03, first aired 07/30/1965
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: Unknown

The island resort he was invited to is proving to be a prison for Harry Lime as he is not being allowed to leave. Neither are the many other 'guests', all of them international gangsters.

74 The House of Bon-Bons
Episode 4-04, first aired 08/06/1965
Director: Robert M. Leeds
Writer: John Kruse

Harry Lime bought into a family business largely to help out of old friend to stave off bankruptcy. Imagine his surprise then to receive a 280% increase in profits in the first year. He goes to investigate.

75 The Man at the Top
Episode 4-05, first aired 08/13/1965
Director: John Moxey
Writer: John Warwick

Harry Lime is on Malta to buy a needed warehouse. He is definitely not there to be suspected as heading up a huge smuggling operation.

76 Proxy Fight
Episode 4-06, first aired 08/20/1965
Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown

[plot unknown]

77 The Luck of Harry Lime
Episode 4-07, first aired 08/27/1965
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Gene Wang

A tycoon named J.B. Masters has never been happy with having lost on business deals on several occasions to Harry Lime. When he learns he is dying, Masters decides to get even with Lime before he departs.


Number of Episodes:52
First Appearance:1951
Last Appearance:1954

Orson WellesHarry Lime [ 1 ]

       Shortly after the movie came out and proved to be so successful, radio adaptations of the story were produced. Two of these came in 1951 and another three years later.
       That same year of 1951, Orson Welles brought Harry Lime to the airways in a different manner.
       From the initial book and movie about Harry Lime, it is easy to see that the fellow is pretty much a bad sort all around, despite how his friend Holly might feel. To prove the point 52 more times, Orson Welles, who was obviously enamored with the chap, put together a truly awesome radio series of 30-minute (with a tremendous amount of advertisement time) adventures of his, these tales taking place in the decade or more before his final outing.
       The BBC picked up the first 16 of these episodes and NBC in America picked all of them. The airtime was different. I have tried to use the earliest time for any episode, regardless of what network did the airing.
       We know this is the same Harry Lime because Welles tells us this at the beginning of several of the earlier episodes. He also confirms that the Lime in the book/movie does in fact meet his end and dies in the sewers of Vienna. This flies in the face of the subsequent television episodes which imply that Lime lived and turned into a good guy. Then again, and I put this out strongly, once you listen to several of the tales, and I've listened to all 52, you know without a doubt that Lime will lie or distort the truth at the drop of a mention of a hat. With that in mind, why should we believe him when he says that he died? Especially since he says so after he is supposed to have died.
       Regardless, these stories are incredibly entertaining and since they are all available on the Internet, I strongly recommend them to you. Most deal with crimes like smuggling, thievery, and bunco. Some, though, touch on his occasional excursion into government change or manipulation.
       Also, the writing of these stories, and the terrific reading by Welles, is truly a joy. Each of these has a line or two that I especially enjoyed, some better than others but all worthy of mention. As a result, I have taken the liberty of noting the line(s) in each episode I thought noteworthy.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Study Guide To The Lives Of Harry Lime Study Guide To The Lives Of Harry Lime
Written by Robert Kroll
Copyright: 2017

A terrific reference book detailing the many interesting facts about the radio program, its origins, stars, and episodic listing with many pertinent facts. [It was one major source of my information].


       Why does The Third Man, as terrific as I think it to be, belong in a compendium of spy series? Certainly the creator and author, Graham Greene, deserves membership for being one of the giants of the genre but does that mean that its main character, Harry Lime, belong here? For the longest time I felt it did not and so for the first one and a half decades of its existence, it was not offered membership. Then I started to listen to the truly excellent stories told by Orson Welles about Harry Lime and found numerous instances where he was involved in or connected to international intrigue. I had found justification. Didn't really need it since this was my site but nevertheless, I had it.

       I am a huge, huge fan of the Harry Lime in the Orson Welles radio programs. They are fantastically fun and since they are all available on the Internet, I strongly recommend spending many half hours here and there listening to them.
       I am also a big fan of the Harry Lime in the Michael Rennie television shows. Totally different Lime but so powerful and so calm and collected and in control of himself. I wish I could be like this Harry Lime.
       And the book and the movie that gave us the first known iteration of Harry Lime are, as they should be considered, classics. Such exquisite storytelling and cinematography. Truly fantastic.

       And yet each of these delightful forms of entertainment end up giving us a different Harry Lime.
       Do I care, really? Not a bit.


My Grade: A


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