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Full Name: Tamari Banks
Nationality: American
Organization: OIS
Occupation Agent

Creator: David T. LaDuke
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Tamari Banks is an agent with the OIS.

That acronym is for the Office of Internal Security. That is a name that tells virtually nothing while still enough excitement to bring out a yawn from anyone glancing at it on a document. That was intentional, as the Director himself admits: "We picked the stuffiest, nondescript name we could think of. And then we, that is the upper brass and I, began the rumor that we dealt with financial oversight at some murky level. 'I think they work in accounting' was a line cooked up by yours truly. That thought alone makes most other political and military sectors choose to leave us to ourselves. No one wants a bee's nest in their records. Really, who wants their books investigated?"

He goes on to explain the mission of the OIS with: "Our job is to hunt terrorists. That's the bottom line. The cover, the camouflage, the mirage ... is intended to keep meddling bureaucrats and finicky politicians from gumming us up with red tape. We are not above the law, but we are free to execute it without having to work everything up fifteen links in a chain of command, then all the way back down again. As you senior agents are well aware, we report directly to a three person panel in the DOD. They, in turn, report directly to the president. Our overall mission comes from them, our funding comes through them. Beyond that they have given this agency a great deal of autonomy, and latitude. Typically, only the results are reported, nothing more. They don't want the gory details of each game, just the final scores. Thankfully, this also cuts down on paperwork."

Banks is one of the top agents in the organization. This 32-year-old African-American woman from the suburbs of Detroit has been with the OIS for just a couple years but has already shown just how effective she can be with her brains, skills, and drive.

She grew up in a fairly normal family life. She had always possessed an inner-drive to excel. After high school she attended Michigan State and earned a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice after only three years. She got her Masters in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis in just another year and a half. "Every moment she could spare during her college years she was involved with the local Department of Homeland Security and the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center. Her focus was the same then as now - terrorism."

After college, she volunteered for the U.S. Army, attending Officer Candidate School and then serving for the next five years. Then came the decision to join the OIS followed by a year of the toughest training she could imagine. Her already impressive physique was honed to a sharp edge as were her fighting skills. One thing that had not changed was her immense desire to hunt and liquidate terrorists.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Smell Of Rubber The Smell Of Rubber
Written by David T. LaDuke
Copyright: 2019

Radical Islamists have taken a group of Americans captive and moved them to a small island on the Detroit River. Led by a brilliant but quite twisted man, they put the prisoners through a horrible experience. It is the task of Tamari Banks and the OIS team to rescue the group before it is too late.
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2 Pledge of the Tree Pledge of the Tree
Written by David T. LaDuke
Copyright: 2020

Tamari Banks joins the OIS in a renewed fight against radical Islamists who have increased their assaults in Detroit led by the apocalyptic leader, Bayat-ash-Shajarah.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Eyes Wide Eyes Wide
Written by David T. LaDuke
Copyright: 2018

This story takes place before the first book. It shows the life of Tamari Banks as she was before she joined the military and became part of the OIS and follows her through her training and her learning the evils of terrorism.
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Suggestion: read the novella prequel first to get an excellent knowledge of Tamari Banks before moving on to the first full-length adventure. It is not vital but you will appreciate it if you do.

Banks is one of those characters you read where you really, strongly, fervently hope there will be more adventures crafted about her. She is so cool and competent and just flat out interesting that I swear, if there was paragraph about her washing dishes, it would be worth reading. Of course, with her life, who knows what would happen!


My Grade: B+


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