Writing as: David T. LaDuke

According to the bio on his website: "Follower of Christ, Author, Musician, Radio/Music Producer, Lyricist, Husband, Father, Brother - these are the fragmented names that say much, but tell only a little. Let's connect and see what inspiration and discovery awaits. Won't you join me on a journey of faith, culture, storytelling, and art?

By fifth grade it was distinct - the desire to be an author. Music, sounds, words, the fine filaments of daydreams spun into fanciful yarns, these were always in my head.

From youth, through high school, to college writing always felt like the "thing" to be doing. It felt right."

Series Books
Tamari Banks Eyes Wide (ss) (2018)
  The Smell Of Rubber (2019)
  Pledge of the Tree (2020)