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Full Name: Matti Maker
Nationality: American
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michele Packard
Time Span: 2018 - 2023


Matti Baker is a contract agent for American Intelligence.

If that sounds a bit nonspecific, welcome to the club. Baker is not very forthcoming about the name of the organization she works for but then again it is possible that there is no real name for it. Certainly there is no headquarters and the only person Baker has taken orders from in the many years she has been in the business, a fellow she knows only as Freddy, she has never actually met. Phone calls and emails. And the occasional info packet couriered to wherever she was living at the time.

Baker is, by her own admission, not exactly a contract killer - well at least she is not supposed to kill all the time but it's best to face facts and admit that if Freddy were to get an assignment from one of the alphabet agencies which he would then pass on to his star agent, the safe money would be on a hit in the works.

When we meet Baker for the first time, she is coming off a year of rehab and hiding after an assignment she affectionately calls FUBAR and from her telling of it, the name matches. In that mission that went horribly wrong, she had suffered incredible destruction and should not have survived. But she did and then Freddy spent an amazing amount of money to have her "rebuilt".

As she tells it, "Think bionic women times 10. I was deceptively strong at 5'7. Slender frame, long legs. Strong enough to choke grown men begging for mercy. Let God have mercy on them; that was not my job. The new titanium implants ensured I could use other body parts to do it now, too. Not only did they mend the broken body parts, but they transformed my physical looks, too. I was always a looker, but hell, I must admit, I was damn near model-looking perfect after they were done. New teeth (oh yeah, some of those were gone again after FUBAR), new nose and chin line, 34 full C breasts lifted. Bonus. Hell, yeah. My hair color was now a crisp deep auburn versus dirty blonde, which made my blue eyes pop even more. I have a dark blue rim around my irises, with flakes of yellow and translucent blue in the middle. They are mesmerizing and penetrating. I had worn brown contacts before, so was able to go back to my true color. Thank God for that, those contacts were a pain. IPL on any freckles and my skin was a glistening and flawless Cherokee tan. I was unrecognizable from before, and utterly drop dead gorgeous, if I do say so myself."

That description tells not only what had to be done but also gives a pretty good idea of the way that Baker talks to us throughout the three adventures we have of her.

Some other key facts about Baker that play major parts in her life.

She has a best friend and fellow agent named Bethany, a black woman every bit as dangerous as Baker but with her own skill-set. They often work together but more often work alone and then compare notes later.

She is married to Tom and has been for quite a few years and when she is not on assignment, or in the case of when we first meet her, recovering, she has a sort of normal home-life. If you can consider it normal when she goes away on secret missions for a week or two or longer. And if normal means being the mother of triplets. To me that makes her rather unique.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2023

1 Aesop Aesop
Written by Michele Packard
Copyright: 2018

As Matti Baker goes through a sequence of missions that do not look they have anything in common, she will eventually learn that they are all connected and the end goal of them all is global war unless she can find a way to stop the double agents aiding the other side.
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2 Fable Fable
Written by Michele Packard
Copyright: 2019

Matti Baker's life is one of constant struggle, first to take on the enemies of her country and find ways to remove them and second to keep her other existence as a wife and a mother a secret.
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3 Teller Teller
Written by Michele Packard
Copyright: 2020

"Counterterrorism operative Matti Baker is in a deadly game of cat and mouse with internal government agencies and external countries attempting to modify natural selection to create a New World Order. Traveling between Italy, Russia, China, Afghanistan, and the United States, Baker must do whatever it takes to stop the conspiracy, not knowing that she actually is the genesis of it all. Baker is more exposed and vulnerable than ever before, but is also more determined."
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4 Counterintelligence Counterintelligence
Written by Michele Packard
Copyright: 2021

"Baker and her team must navigate a corrupt world where politicians are compromised by Big Tech and Big Pharma industries. It is a deadly conspiracy, a scheme carefully designed to take advantage of governments, especially the American government that is dangerously out of touch and out of power in the places where it counts the most.
Would governments use diseases to cull out the old and unhealthy from the general population? By releasing a virus, did China plan to take over the global economy? What if it wasn't them, but the US? "
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5 Defcon Defcon
Written by Michele Packard
Copyright: 2023

"There is one quality that is unique to the human species…GREED.
Enlisting the help of the President and her team, Matti Baker fights to defend the hope for a world without chronic illness. No more cancer, no more diabetes…if only she can stay alive long enough to reproduce her genesis. But working against her is greed in every form. While conspiracies abound, and time is short, the crosshairs are on her.
Baker is sacrificing all and doing what others are unwilling to do. She’s serving justice."
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I was hooked on this series from the first page and did not stop reading about Baker and her friend and her husband and her triplets until the third book came to an end.

Irreverent is a good word to describe it. Fun is an even better one.

Standard spy story telling is long gone and I did not miss it. And forget about being really believable. Things she does and gets away with are beyond belief - and way beyond caring about. Just go with it. You'll feel a whole lot better about it and be smiling as you do.

But do not make Matti Baker mad at you. It is never a good idea.


My Grade: B+


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