Writing as: Michele Packard

According to the bio on her website: "I’m (ahem) over 50. I left a high paying executive job to raise three kids. No regrets on that. I haven’t really worked in 15 years. I realized I was likely out of touch in the business world.

I wanted to do something NEW.

My twins just left for college and I had more time on my hands, and my wonderful husband encouraged me to go do what I enjoy. So, I sat down on the computer and wrote a story based off daily events I heard or saw on the radio or TV. Each day, I had to incorporate whatever new piece of information I heard. It was a puzzle that I had to put together not knowing what the next piece or ending was going to be. It was fun! I self published and started looking around for the next thing. I went in my attic and started polishing off previous writings and now exploring how to bring these to life for others to enjoy.

I'm learning as I go."

Series Books
Matti Baker Aesop (2018)
  Fable (2019)
  Teller (2020)
  Counterintelligence (2021)
  Defcon (2023)