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Full Name: James Boudreaux
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Everett Peacock
Time Span: 2018 - 2018


James Boudreaux is an agent with the CIA.

Truth be told (and why would I lie) in the four adventures that exist about this operative, it is never once that the CIA is ever mentioned so to say he works for them is an assumption. The name Langley is used quite a few times to talk about his employer's headquarters and since the only thing really in that community in northern Virginia is the CIA, that is the assumption I make. In the introduction to the stories, however, it is clearly stated that he is "an officer with an undisclosed affiliation to an American intelligence service" so my assumption could be wrong.

The adventures all form one big storyline in which Boudreaux, working with the beautiful, seductive, insightful, and clever Rainbow, goes up against a very interesting opponent known as the Slovakian. Each of the four (with a fifth being promised but as yet not released) segments have a beginning and an end but they all comprise the larger hunt for and fight with the woman nicknamed the Slovakian.

We meet up with Boudreaux as he is trying very hard to not get killed in Belarus. It is on a Monday which Boudreaux tells us is always a particularly bad day of the week. It seems every time he has almost died in his life so far has been on a Monday. He is always diligent in his work but even more so on Mondays.

A lot of the action for these adventures take place in Hawaii, a state that Boudreaux knows very well and loves dearly. It is there he will meet and become friendly with the alluring Rainbow, or she will meet up with him, depending on your point of view. The important thing here is that wherever the two may go, they find their way back to the 50th state and from the way they describe it, I would too.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

The jury could take some time deciding if the four adventures are really short books or truly novellas. I have erred on the book side.

1 Leaving Lana'i Leaving Lana'i
Written by Everett Peacock
Copyright: 2018

"Meet Agent James Boudreaux. An Officer with an undisclosed affiliation to an American intelligence service.
He's a little rough around the edges, funny, super-observant, and sometimes wrong."
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2 The Slovakian The Slovakian
Written by Everett Peacock
Copyright: 2018

"Book Two finds Agent Boudreaux enthralled by 'Humpback' the bartender, Leilani the sister revenging her sister's death and of course, the mysterious Slovakian. The depth of whatever is happening on the island of Lana'i deepens."
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3 A Perfect Analogy A Perfect Analogy
Written by Everett Peacock
Copyright: 2018

"Book Three finds Agent Boudreaux firmly committed to the mysteries developing on Prince Talbert's private island of Lana'i. Meanwhile, the Slovakian's true nature, and intentions are becoming better understood."
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4 Wicked Game Wicked Game
Written by Everett Peacock
Copyright: 2018

"Book 4 reveals the true nature of both Chief of Station Allen and the Slovakian's as well. Agent Boudreaux gets a permanent adjustment and Rainbow steers clear of the mess on Lana'i. The Russians are none too happy with their man in Kiev."
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This is a fast, entertaining series that, while it is not frivolous or a comedy, does not take itself too seriously. Boudreaux is the kind of guy I would like to go for drinks with, minus the people keep trying to kill him part. Of course, if I ever tried to pick up a lady while out with him, I'd probably have to shoot him first because he has a way with the opposite sex.

I especially liked Rainbow. She is a fun character who is very much her own woman which is important when she has to deal with Bordreaux.


My Grade: B


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