Writing as: Everett Peacock

According to the bio on Amazon: "Mr. Peacock was born on an island and continues the tradition living in Maui, Hawaii. Decades were spent living on a secluded O'ahu, Hawai'i beach, surfing, mountain biking, glider flying and throwing beach parties people still talk about - all in the name of research.

When he had to work it was stints at the Honolulu airport, as a cargo handler, Air Traffic Control radio, Airline Flight Operations Dispatcher and tower operator at Kapalua airport. Part time gigs included computer programmer and an amateur lobster fisherman.

Having traveled extensively to all of the Hawaiian islands, Tahiti, Bali, Australia and a few places he has sworn to keep secret, Mr. Peacock has lived, and continues to do through his writing, a life as colorful as his name.

He lives in a bungalow, under a mango tree, in Lahaina. He can sometimes be found hanging out at Tiwaka's Tiki Bar & Grill."

Series Books
Agent Boudreaux Leaving Lana'i (2018)
  The Slovakian (2018)
  A Perfect Analogy (2018)
  Wicked Game (2018)