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Full Name: Blaze Lane
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Savage
Time Span: 2010 - 2013


Blaze Lane is an agent with the CIA.

That is stretching things a bit, certainly at first a whole lot and then even later still quite a bit. Yes, she will go to work for the Agency and will take the training required to become an agent but to say she is an operative on the level of her fellow agents is way wrong. She is for the most part far below the others in qualifications and in a couple ways she is so much more.

'Blaze' is, not surprisingly, not her real first name, just the nickname she prefers to be called since she hates her actual name of Lois (understandable since that would make her full name Lois Lane). When we first meet her she is one of three secretaries in a small loan office working for the lecherous and most annoying Mr. Grundwald and doing her best to avoid his advances.

She probably would still be there if an experienced CIA agent named Cindy had not been snatched by bad guys while heading to Moscow to meet with a Russian with vital intel. Unfortunately, she dies and she is the only one he will pass the info to. More unfortunately, Lane is almost a carbon copy of her and is spotted while buying coffee and asked to help her country out on one little matter. Really unfortunately, she agrees as the thought of something exciting happening to her drab life is too good to ignore.

As the series progresses, she will be invited to join the Agency full time as a real, actual agent, with training and everything. As a blurb for one of the adventures puts it too well to not use: "Blaze is very good at her job. It's not that she's particularly skillful (she's not), and it's not that she's particularly clever or knowledgeable (she's definitely not). She simply has plenty of plain dumb luck - and 'dumb' may well be the right word."

Warning: this series sounds like a light-hearted spy romp and it is one. It is also very much into bondage and torture and very unpleasant things happening to women, graphically described.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2013

1 Tortured Spies Tortured Spies
Written by John Savage
Copyright: 2010

Blaze Lane's entry into the spy world came because she had a near identical appearance as an American spy who has been captured. A Russian agent has vital intel to pass to the spy but since she is unavailable, Blaze is asked to handle this simple task. Nothing is ever simple.
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2 Blaze 'N' Saddles Blaze 'N' Saddles
Written by John Savage
Copyright: 2010

A Chinese spy held by the British has not yet revealed anything useful so the CIA sends still-in-training operative Blaze Lane to try her unique methods. This produces intel about a dude ranch in the States where secrets are exchanged.
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3 Blaze To The Rescue Blaze To The Rescue
Written by John Savage
Copyright: 2013

To help get rid of her from the Agency without firing her, her unhappy supervisor teams her with Agent Orange, a man-hating operative with a bad reputation, on a suicide mission named Hangman. That job is to find a fellow female agent held hostage in a country called Urtankistan and get her out or eliminate her.
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I probably would have enjoyed this series if it had not been for the tendency to take the bondage and discipline to extremes. Obviously looking at the covers and seeing the other books that the author penned, this was totally his intent and is meant for people who enjoy such things. I ain't one of them!

Since B&D is not something I can handle, I skimmed passed a whole lot of these books. The non-icky parts (to me) were not too bad. Unfortunately, there were a lot of icky parts, since that was the purpose of the series in the first place.


My Grade: D


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