Writing as: John Savage

According to the bio on his website: "John Savage is one of the main figures in the history of the highly erotic and esoteric field of Bondage and Discipline. He came after the legendary John Willie, and before the period exemplified by the photography of Jay Edwards, et al. Just as Jay was an important link in the progression of bondage techniques leading up to the anything-goes extreme B&D of today, so was John Savage. The bondage he created and photographed represented a step beyond that of John Willie: more complex, tighter, more escape-proof.

John began by copying the work of John Willie but was soon adding his own touches. This is typical of the progress in the field. Both Jay Edwards (a very well-known bondage expert) and Dave Annis (probably the best strict bondage photographer today) have stated that they began by copying John Savage’s work, then adding to it."

Series Books
Blaze Lane Tortured Spies (2010)
  Blaze 'N' Saddles (2010)
  Blaze To The Rescue (2013)