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Full Name: Tom Buckingham
Codename: Posh Lad
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andy McNab
Time Span: 2012 - 2021


Tom Buckingham is an agent with MI-5.

He will be, anyways.

In the first of the three recorded adventures we have of him, he is serving as a Sergeant in the highly elite Special Air Squadron and has been for some time. He has the unusual codename of 'Posh Lad', given to him because, according to one friend and fellow soldier, "One: rich family. Two: he always uses the right tense. Three: he owns a fountain pen. Four: he's got name-tapes in his socks. That's pretty posh to trogs like us."

Regarding the 'rich family' part, his wealthy background was the truth but in talking about his well-to-do family, Buckingham talks about the silver spoon everyone in his lineage had supped on since Waterloo but Buckingham had chosen to "spit it out". That caused considerable friction because not only had to chosen to enter the military instead of the business world, he did so as an enlisted man and not an officer. To say that Buckingham was determined to plot his own course is putting it mildly.

While in the SAS, Buckingham had learned a lot about himself and his abilities. He found he was a born fighter and while he did not enjoy inflicting pain or injury, he definitely was good at and certainly did not shirk from doing it. "Tom had the ability to keep totally in control and still think clearly when the adrenalin was pumping. It had nothing to do with bravery. It had to do with being in control of his heartbeat when it would be natural to flap big-time, and that only came from long hours of training. Stress actually improved Tom's performance. It always had. Even at Eton, Tom had stood out on the rugby pitch when the pressure was on."

His natural inclination to take action when doing so was needed would get him expelled from the SAS when his heroics saved lives but caused political trouble in Afghanistan. It was when he came back in England in disgust that he is given two different choices to continue his desire to serve. One was working for a powerful billionaire and up-and-coming politician with the top spot on his radar. The other was working for MI-5 monitoring that same would-be leader.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2015

1 Red Notice Red Notice
Written by Andy McNab
Copyright: 2012

A group of Russian terrorists have taken over the Eurostar train from London to Paris and the 400 passengers on it. One of those on board is Tom Buckingham, an off-duty SAS operative and he is planning on stopping the seizure.
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2 Fortress Fortress
Written by Andy McNab
Copyright: 2014

Tom Buckingham stopped a renegade Afghan soldier from killing dozens during a rampage but instead of being hailed a hero he is made the scapegoat and booted out. Back in England, he is offered a job by a billionaire with plans for power of his own. The upcoming visit of the US President presents an opportunity. Buckingham will have to decide where his loyalties must be.

3 State Of Emergency State Of Emergency
Written by Andy McNab
Copyright: 2015

Working for MI-5, Tom Buckingham is undercover in the organization of billionaire and now powerful politician, Vernon Rolt. His job is to keep the man alive which is going to be difficult as a very well trained and dangerous assassin is making Rolt his new mission.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 SAS Red Notice SAS Red Notice
Director: Magnus Martens
Writer: Laurence Malkin
Actor: Sam Heughan as Tom Buckingham
Released: 2021

Highly trained soldiers seize control of the Eurostar beneath the English Channel. Tom Buckingham is onboard and out to stop them. Complicating things tremendously is the fact that with him is the woman he was heading to Paris with to propose.


The author, Andy McNab, has clearly shown over the years a fantastic ability to present dynamic, don't-mess-with-me characters forced to fight overwhelming odds and coming out on top, albeit often paying a heckuva price in both the short and long run. This track record remains intact with Tom Buckingham. A darn good man that does darn good things on behalf of his country and suffers for it. But he always picks himself back up and that is what I enjoy about Buckingham.

There is, as usual, far more talk about armament and weaponry (which are possibly the same thing but what do I know) than I would ever want or be able to understand but McNab does not dwell on any of it so pushing through the jargon is easy enough to do to get back to the action.


My Grade: B+


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