1959 -

Writing as: Andy McNab

Born in Britain, Andy McNab joined the Army when he was very young. At age 25 he became a member of the SAS and conducted missions all around the world. At the time of his leaving the regiment, he was the most highly decorated soldier serving at the time. His experiences commanding Bravo Two Zero were turned into a book by him and made into a movie starring Sean Bean.

Series Books
Ethan Blake DropZone (2010)
  Terminal Velocity (2011)
Boy Soldier Boy Soldier (2005)
  Payback (2008)
  Avenger (2008)
  Meltdown (2008)
Tom Buckingham Red Notice (2012)
  Fortress (2014)
  State Of Emergency (2015)
Nick Stone Remote Control (1997)
  Crisis Four (1999)
  Firewall (2000)
  Last Light (2001)
  Liberation Day (2003)
  Dark Water (2003)
  Deep Black (2004)
  Aggressor (2005)
  Recoil (2006)
  Crossfire (2007)
  Brute Force (2009)
  Exit Wound (2009)
  Zero Hour (2010)
  Dead Centre (2011)
  Silencer (2013)
  For Valour (2014)
  Detonator (2015)
  Cold Blood (2016)
  Line of Fire (2017)
Other Dropzone [DropZone] (2010)
  War Torn [War Torn] (2010)
  Terminal Velocity [DropZone] (2011)
  Battlefield 3 (2011)
  Battle Lines [War Torn] (2012)
  The New Recruit [Liam Scott] (2012)
  The New Patrol [Liam Scott] (2014)
  The New Enemy (2014)
  The New Enemy [Liam Scott] (2015)
  Street Soldier (2016)
  Street Soldier [Street Soldier] (2016)
  Silent Weapon [Street Soldier] (2017)
  Get Me Out of Here! (2019)
  Whatever It Takes (2019)