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Full Name: Aaron Hardy
Series Name: Andy Hardy Patriotic Action
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alex Ander
Time Span: 2017 - 2022


Aaron Hardy is an agent for the American President.

Officially, he is attached to the FBI. In the Bureau, all agents are referred to as 'Special Agent' but in the case of Aaron Hardy, when he is actually made a part of the Bureau, his special nature will be quite unique. Actually, according to his credentials, he is a "Special Agent Consultant to the Director" which conveys the desired high level of gravitas while truly revealing nothing about his duties.

When we first encounter this very impressive operative, he is a member of the Marine Corps and has been for the past 12 years, since he was 18. The first four years were spent largely in Iraq but then he was invited to become a member of the Second Marine Special Operations Battalion, headquartered at Camp Lejeune. For the next five years, he was involved in direct-action, special reconnaissance and counter-terrorism missions, until a Colonel Ludlum asked him to take command of a team and conduct top-secret missions all over the world.

A particularly horrible act of terrorism will cause Hardy to go after those responsible and in so doing, bring him to the attention of the President.

The Chief Executive will state to Hardy in a private meeting, "I need a man like you. This country needs a man like you. A man who's not afraid to take action and do whatever is necessary to get the job done ... to take the fight to the terrorists. I'm offering you a job, putting your special skills and talents to work, keeping the American people safe from terrorists around the world." The President added, "This would have to be kept top-secret. You would have one boss who would report directly to me. At your disposal, you would have all the resources necessary to get the job done..."

To give him a cover of some sort, the President had the FBI Director created the consultancy mentioned before, telling him that as part of his cover, he would be working for the FBI and have an office in Washington D.C. His title will reflect that and if asked, he was to explain he was "acting as a consultant, advising corporations, foreign nationals, other nations ... you name it ... on matters pertaining to terrorism". Unofficially, he was always on call for whatever assignments the President felt needed.

Throughout Hardy's very active new career, he will work with a fair number of different people, several of whom will be highly capable and highly beautiful women. They are all quite interesting but the best is FBI Special Agent Raychel DelaCruz who will show over and over that she could hold her own every bit as well as Hardy.


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2022


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 The London Operation The London Operation
Written by Alex Ander
Copyright: 2017

Occurring after American Influence
"A bomb goes off in Amsterdam. A tour bus explodes in France, killing 25 Americans. The CEO of a bank, a suspected terrorist, has information that can stop a third, deadlier attack.
The President’s top covert anti-terror agent, Aaron Hardy trails the banker through the streets of London. Before he can secretly apprehend him, Hardy’s operation is thwarted by a woman with a different agenda."

2 No Negotiation No Negotiation
Written by Alex Ander
Copyright: 2019

Occurring after Of Patriots And Tyrants - The author strongly recommends reading the first 8 adventures before reading this one.
Aaron Hardy and Raychel Cruz were looking forward to a pleasant evening together despite the snow that was quickly falling. Then a short stop at a bank turns into trouble when robbers attack and take a woman hostage, bopping Hardy on the head for being a hero. Hardy took that badly.


Boy oh boy! If you love action-packed adventures with a major twist of kick-your-butt attitude, this is a terrific series for you.

It falls clearly in the criteria for membership in this compendium but do not expect dead drops and alleyway rendezvouses. Aaron Hardy is the man that the U.S. President sends in when there are troubles to be eliminated quickly and succinctly. Niceties are not what the Chief Executive is requesting which is great because that sort of thing is way outside of Hardy's toolbox.

I loved these. I love the fact that there are a bunch of them and hopefully more on the way.


My Grade: B+


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