Writing as: Alex Ander

According to the short bio on Amazon: "Characters you'll love. Clean language.

I write action thrillers that drop you into the heart of the excitement, taking you on an adventure through the eyes of the characters as they develop over the course of a book/series; all with no vulgarity and no graphic sex scenes.

There are four series available for you, focusing on the exploits of the protagonists Aaron Hardy, Special Agent Cruz, Jacob St. Christopher, and Jessica Devlin."

Series Books
Aaron Hardy The Unsanctioned Patriot (2017)
  American Influence (2017)
  Deadly Assignment (2017)
  Patriot Assassin (2017)
  The Nemesis Protocol (2017)
  Necessary Means (2017)
  The London Operation (ss) (2017)
  The President's Man (2017)
  The President's Man 2 (2017)
  Foreign Soil (2018)
  Of Patriots And Tyrants (2018)
  Act Of Justice (2019)
  No Negotiation (ss) (2019)
  The Last Kill (2020)
  Two Minutes To War (2021)
  Three Days In Rome (2022)
  Dark Days of the Republic (2023)
Jaxon Reigns To Reign Supreme (2021)
  Hard Reign (2023)
Other Vengeance Is Mine [Raychel Cruz] (2017)
  Defense Of Innocents [Raychel Cruz] (2017)
  Plea For Justice [Raychel Cruz] (2017)
  Big Sky [Big Sky] (2023)
  Trust Fall [Jessica Devlin] (2023)
  No Good Options [Jessica Devlin] (2023)
  Let the Hunt Begin [Jessica Devlin] (2023)
  Protect & Defend [Jacob St. Christopher[ (2023)
  Word Of Honor [Jacob St. Christopher[ (2023)
  A Vow To The Innocent [Jacob St. Christopher[ (2023)
  Above & Beyond [Jacob St. Christopher[ (2023)
  Hard Road To Redemption [Jacob St. Christopher[ (2023)
  Escape & Evade (2023)
  Ambush [Big Sky] (2024)
  Reckoning [Big Sky] (2024)