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Full Name: Evan Tyler
Nationality: American
Organization: InDIGO
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kim Black
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


The LBD Project is a special "weapon" created by InDIGO.

Evan Tyler is an agent with InDIGO.

That acronym with the strange punctuation stands for the International Discretionary Intelligence Gathering Organization. Exactly who is in charge of this agency is not known (to me) but it has offices all over the world and while the field director we meet may at times come across as a pennypincher, other times it is though funds are unending. Whichever case, InDIGO does not waste a lot of money on their clandestine bases with most of them routinely housed in nondescript facilities around the world.

When senior operative and Tyler's new team leader first meets her, he sees a slim young woman originally hailing from Texas; a woman who was "tall, muscular, with the kind of red hair that didn't look fresh from a bottle". Elsewhere we learn "as a former fashion model, she was accustomed to having her hair, make-up, and clothing arranged and straightened for a job. Since becoming a covert agent for InDIGO, Evan's appearance had become even more important".

At the start of the first recorded adventure Tyler has been a field agent for three and a half years. That adventure marks the first use in the field of the LBD Project.

The LBD in the name stands for "Little Black Dress", the term used for an item of clothing considered by many women and most fashionistas as a vital part of any wardrobe. In its normal usage it is a simple elegant black dress that can be used in business work by adding a jacket and a pair of pumps or in an evening or formal event like a wedding or a reception by throwing in heels and fancier jewelry.

For the people in InDIGO, the LBD in this instance is a whole lot more. Its price tag is a wee bit higher than the normal dress, running around $7 million. That might seem excessive except for its features, most of which will remain secret here though I will mention that it has exceptional audio and visual monitoring capabilities and its silky shiny fabric that feels so light and pliable is, like Kevlar, bullet-resistant (though it will stop penetration by smaller caliber bullets, it will still leave one heckuva bruise). For the rest of the outfit's capabilities, read the adventures.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Little Black Dress Little Black Dress
Written by Kim Black
Copyright: 2018

Wearing her specially weaponized little black dress, Evan Tyler and the InDIGO team is out after Anton Hrevic who not only designs high priced clothing but is also big into espionage and a little taking over the world.
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2 Red Heels Red Heels
Written by Kim Black
Copyright: 2018

Having survived her first big mission, Evan Tyler and her fellow teammates have learned that the organization they thought they were stopping has much deeper roots. One key to learning more is keeping billionaire businessman Michael Cooper alive. That is Tyler's next job.
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3 Bare Essentials Bare Essentials
Written by Kim Black
Copyright: 2019

Agents are falling fast as Evan Tyler and her colleague Hedge try one more time to bring down the organization that uses extortion to control the world.
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The beauty of a genre, any genre, is the variety of sub-genres that are possible. I have enjoyed my share of "let's have fun with this" series over the years and this one definitely fell in the collection because it is a fun, frivolous group of adventures that I got more than one chuckle out of.

Evan Tyler is the main character in the series, the Gal in Spy Guys and Gals in this instance, but the true star of the proceeds is the dress. What a remarkable piece of apparel. And what a delightful idea the author came up with to use it as the focal point for the series.

It is said that every modern woman needs in her wardrobe a Little Black Dress to handle a variety of events. This LBD takes that concept to amazing lengths. It is fun.


My Grade: B+


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